Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What feature does Campus Karma have?

A: Refer to the About Us page.

Q: How do I (Student) get benefited from Campus Karma?

A: Other than the Event, Groups and File section as discussed in the about us section, one can also get helped deciding which college they want to get admission. If you have few college in mind and confused which one to choose. You can visit that group and look for what kind of activities goes on in that campus and then you will know which campus culture suits you most. We also help students with their Internship (Internal as well as External). Do you get a certificate for the Internal Campus Karma internship? Yes, you do.! For more details click here.

Q: How do I (Teacher) help students on Campus Karma?

A: Well it’s the most common problem for teachers to circulate study material to each and every student on campus. What you can do is upload it on our server and ask your student to download it from here. In that way you don’t have to keep a record of the entire students email id and also you don’t have to mail them multiple time in batches. One upload and that would be all.

Q: How do I (College) get benefited from Campus Karma?

A: We provide Workshop and Seminar to help students enhance thier technical skills. For more details click here.

Q: How do I (Traning Institute) get benefited from Campus Karma?

A: As we conduct varous workshops at different campus and you can join us as our education partner and we will reach out to you to help us in conduction the workshop in your region. For more details click here.

Q: How do I (Education NGO/Other Organization) get benefited from Campus Karma?

A: We as a national platform for students have a large base of student reach and can help you connect to various campus in India via the means of our Campus Club. For more details. click here.

Q: What’s the requirement to join Campus Karma?

A: Nothing. Campus Karma is free to join. It’s the best place for active as well as pass out batches to stay connected to their campus. We have simple and easy signup process and we also have facebook connect option where their account will automatically created with few clicks.

If you have any more doubt or want to know more click here.