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Welcome to India's first campus social networking website

Why Campus Karma?.

The name Campus Karma serves its purpose to convey the exact phenomenon of karma in college life, depicting all state of affairs that can be imagined in a campus. While most social networking sites stops at just connecting people and providing a platform for social exchanges, campus karma takes a step ahead to connect the youth of India who are in search of campus news and activity going on at different campuses of India by providing a common space to share academic, campus-related social & cultural ideas and to get access to online labs.

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Meet. Share. Experience.

Campus Karma intended to offer a virtual campus environment to connect the youth of India from all colleges irrespective of their courses, under the universal banner of virtual campus life. In simple terms our aim is to unite all the campuses of India and their campus activities on one social platform.

Welcome to India’s first ever college based
social networking website

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  • Campus Drive

    Campus Karma conducts exams whose result are shared with companies for recruitment.

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    Want to know more about a company. Find the company profile with employee reviews.

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    Want to work with Campus Karma? Check out our Internship projects.

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    Want to work with Campus Karma? Check out our Campus Ambassador portal.

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    Looking for a trainer for your college's workshop/seminar? Explore the vast range of services provided by us

  • Apply as a Trainer

    Apply as a Trainer for Workshop in your reagion

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    This is a handy resource to search and find out what functions exist within CK.

  • Bug Tracker

    This is CK's bug tracker, if you find bugs or have patches for existing bugs then head on over and get involved.

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