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Happy To Disturb - Jadavpur Police Station

Hats off RJ SAYAN

After seeing the shocking visuals of students being harassed at JU last night; Fever 104 decided to harass the police & the government for a change! Do not listen to this episode of Happy to disturb if you are looking for humor. This one is serious. They have enlisting the phone numbers of the people whom they have called because they deserve to be harassed furthermore...

Jadavpur Police Station -(033)2473-0146 / 2499-4580
Lal Bazar- (033) 2214 3230
OC Jadavpur PS -Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh- 9836328482 
SI Jadavpur PS - Dhiman Bairagi- 8017991533
CM's office- (033) 2214 5588/22535000/2214 5555/ 24753000

Hurting our students is like hurting our future... Please contribute at-least one phone call to all the numbers...