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The Death Slide

The robot can traverse a zip-line ( in this case, a nylon rope ) as well as pick up and drop packages.

The prototype was designed for the Skyfall event of Kshitij'15, IIT Kharagpur. Later it was presented at Evolution'15 of Techno India University and the Innovare event of Innovacion'16, IEM Kolkata. Being showcased at Techno Vivarta'16 is another achievement of the team from Techno India University.

For DIY tutorial : https://speakerdeck.com/alamtania/the-death-slide

Youtube video link: 


A few more links: 
1. https://alamtania.wordpress.com/2015/08/05/the-rescue-bot-evolution-2015/ 
2. https://www.ideapod.com/idea/55ba15f9a4eb27b6305a401f 
3. https://campusdiaries.com/stories/the-death-slide