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 Technocracy Sensitizers Zenith, commonly called as TechSenZe , is a National Level Symposium organized by the Computer Science Department of Meenakshi College of Engineering. Being a Cupcake in 2011, we have updated ourselves in versions and as PIE now, we present you 'TechSenZe 2K19' on March 1st 2019. 

List of Events:   

  1. Innovation in You 
  2. Inventopia
  3. Yourpage.in 
  4. Code-Binder 
  5. Bug Blaster
  6. Techzard 
  7. Connexions
  8. Brainstorm
  9. Code-the-Treasure 
  10.  Film Strip
  11. Futsal
  12. Gaming
  13. Serioholic
  14. Adzap
  15.  Surprise Events

Online Events:

 16. Shutterbug

 17. Meme Master

 18. Tik Tok Mania

Brief description: With a medley of both Esoteric and Non-Esoteric events, we provide a platform where you can pitch in with your buddies and win exhilarating prizes. To add spices, we are inviting some leading lights to our campus on the same day. Surprise events and shows are also waiting to widen your eyes. This year, we take pride in saying that we are not collecting any registration fees and are ready to treat your heart and mind with a breath-stopping show. The fest starts at 9 am and be on time to get amazed. Have your seats registered as we are looking forward to meet each one of you.
Contact emailinfo@techsenze2k19.com
Mobile phone: +91-8807893262