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Bhagwantrao Arts and Science College (BASC) Gadchiroli

Bhagwantrao Arts and Science College (BASC) Gadchiroli

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Address: Bhagwantrao Arts & Science College, Etapalli Dist. Gadchiroli-442704
Website: http://www.bascollegeettapalli.co.in/index.html
Email: bhagwantraosanstha@gmail.com
Phone: 7133272030
Tags: Bhagwantrao Arts and Science College (BASC) Gadchiroli
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Group Type: Private
Established: 1992
Accredited: NAAC
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Bhagwantrao Arts and Science College (BASC) Gadchiroli

About the college:

Bhagwantrao Arts and Science College is known as BASC that offers courses in the domain of Arts and Science. The college has its affiliation with the Nagpur University and has its accrediting with the NAAC. At initial stage  the college did  not  had  primary  facilities. Very quickly all necessary requirements were complied. The opening of Senior College  at  Etapalli  is  a  milestone  in  the  progress  of  institution.  Today college  has  its  own  building  and  large  playground,  separate  classrooms,  and library.  Since  the  opening  of  College  the  student’s  strength  has  been growing  day  by day.  In  present  condition  more  than  300  students  are  learn in  this  college.  College  also  started  science  faculty  in  the  session  2005 - 06 as  it  is  the  need  of  present  moment  and  also  demand  from  local  students for scientific and technical comparativeness. The Arts  faculty opened second section  as  a  result  of  growing  strength  of  students.  The  NAAC  team  visited  to  college  in  2003 – 04  and  did  the  assessment  of  the  all  departments  and  services.  The  college  awarded  with  ‘C’  grade. In  1992   the  institution  was  founded  with  the  enthusiastic  flavor.  Gradually  the  institution  has  been  progressed  and  within  the  span  of  few  years  period institution started  numerous middle school,  high  school,  junior college, senior college and college of education and other social services in surrounding  part  of  its Centre. 

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Courses Offer:

BSc (2)
B.Sc in Chemistry, Zoology, Botony 3 Years Regular
B.Sc in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 3 Years Regular


BA (1)
Bachelor of Arts 3 Years Regular



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