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District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) West Khasi Hills

District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) West Khasi Hills

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Address: Thadlaskein Jowai - 793151 West Jaintia Hills Meghalaya
Website: http://dietthadlaskein.gov.in/
Email: dietthad@yahoo.co.in
Phone: 0364 – 212336
Tags: District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) West Khasi Hills
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Established: 2000
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District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) West Khasi Hills

About the college:

District Institute of Education & Training, Thadlaskein was set up in the month of September in the year 2000. The DIET has a mission to provide academic and resource support at the grassroots level for the success of the various strategies and programs that are undertaken in the areas of elementary and adult education. The DIET also has a pace-setting role to play. It is expected to act as a role model for other educational institutions in the district in terms of meticulous, efficient and effective planning and execution of functions, harmonious and creative organizational climate, maintenance of a clean and attractive campus, etc. As part of a larger design, the DIET is established to complement other initiatives introduced to achieve the national goals in the areas of Elementary and Adult Education. The modern teaching methodology assists the students in getting an all around view of engineering, technology and the entrepreneur world. The diligent faculty team of the college possesses hands-on experience and up to date knowledge of their subject and area of expertise. The infrastructure and facilities of District Institute of Education & Training, Thadlaskein consists of spread-out campus alongside various amenities in the form of library, computer center, classrooms with proper teaching and learning aids, medical facilities etc. The institute seeks to place each of its students in an organization/company of great repute.

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Courses Offer:

Diploma (2)
Diploma in Elementary Education 2 Years Regular
Diploma in Primary Education 2 Years Regular


Certificate (2)
Certificate in Guidance 6 Months Regular
Certificate in Primary Education 6 Months Regular



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