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Visvodaya Engineering College, Kavali, Nellore

Visvodaya Engineering College, Kavali, Nellore

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Address: Visvodaya Campus, Kavali, Nellore - 524201 (Andhra Pradesh)
Website: www.veckavali.com
Email: veckavali@rediffmail.com
Phone: 08626-240056
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Visvodaya Engineering College, Kavali, Nellore

About the college:

Visvodaya was founded in 1952 by celebrities like Justice P.V.Rajamannar Devi Prasad Roy Choudary, Dilip Kumar Roy , AMC.G.tampose, I.C.S (Retd) and a few others. Its Visitor is SR.Sankaram, I.A.S(Retd). The Society was conceived not only as a center of education but also as an instrument of Social-Service. Its Chief objectives are academic excellence, social justice, cultural richness and human ennoblement. Its motto is,

"Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya"

Visvodaya Manages several educational institutions-Boys High School,Girls High School, Jawahar Bharati Junior College, Jawahar Bharathi Degree College and the centre for Post-Graduation Studies. The college is selected for COSIP,COHSIP and CPE by the UGC. It is accrediated with 'A' Grade by the NAAC. To cap all these,The PBR VITS(Engineering College) was founded during the Golden Jubliee year of the Institution.

Visvodaya promotes cultural excellence. Doyens like Bhanumathi, Vempati, Ghantasala, Manggalampalli and S.P.Bhalasubramanyam were honoured by Visvodaya. The institution conferred Life - membership on celebrities such as Dr. Jakir Hussain, Koka Subbarao, Albert Franklin, Deshmukhs and a host of governors, ministers, Vice-Chancellors, social servants, writers, poets, savants and celebrities in Fine Arts .

Social service has been an inseparable part of Visvodaya . The Visvodaya Seva Society founded in 1952 has blossomed into Dr. Ram Centre for Social Service and Culture. It is named after the famous social servant late Dr. Putchalapalli Ramachandra Reddy of the Peoples Poly-clinic, Nellore. Dr. Ram Centre provides medical services not only for the students of Visvodaya institutions but also for the people of Kavali and the surrounding villages. 

Visvodaya means,

 " The Dawn of a New Universe " 

where human personality develops and ripens into universal love and brotherhood irrespective of caste , creed, religion or region. It is a new world free from ignorance, prejudice and poverty . It is an eternal march for Visvodaya towards the cherished goal.

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Courses Offer:

Computer Science Engg - 60 seats

Electronics & Communication Engg - 120 seats

Civil Engg - 60 seats

Total of 240 seats




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