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School of Information Technology, Kolkata

School of Information Technology, Kolkata

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Address: Sector 1, Salt Lake City, BF 142, BF Block, Salt Lake City, West Bengal, India 700064
Website: http://www.wbut.ac.in/
Email: Not Available
Phone: +91 33 2321 1327
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School of Information Technology, Kolkata

About the college:

The School of Information Technology Kolkata (also SIT and formerly IIIT-C) is the Information Technology Department of the WBUT. The institution started as Indian Institute of Information Technology - Calcutta in 2000 with seed support from the government of West Bengal in association with the IT Industry.

The institute has computer laboratories which are allocated batch-wise to students. The labs are equipped with hardware and software. The PC to students ratio is about 1:2. All computers are part of an intranet (1 Gbit/s backbone). The institute has high bandwidth (8 Mbit/s) Internet connectivity round the clock. Research students have 24-hour access to the computer facilities. The students administer their own computer systems. The research centres and corporate schools provide specialised equipment for research and development.

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The institute has research centers in:
  • Computer Vision/Computer Graphics
  • VLSI
  • Communication
  • Databases
  • Information Retrieval and Algorithms




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