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Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata

Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata

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Address: 23 / 49, Gariahat Road, Kolkata - 700 029. West Bengal. INDIA.
Website: http://www.herambachandrasouthcitycollege.com/
Email: info@herambachandrasouthcitycollege.com
Phone: 033 2461 1236 (Principal's Room) 033 2461 2689 (Teachers' Room) 033 2461 0131 (Office)
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Heramba Chandra College, Kolkata

About the college:

Heramba Chandra College, popularly known as South City (Day), is a unit of the Brahmo Samaj Education Society. The college with a high level of Commerce Education, offers honours courses in Bengali, Economics, Education, English and Geography, in addition to Political Science and History. Heramba Chandra College is affiliated with the University of Calcutta.

Brief Description:

Courses Offer:

Bachelor of Arts

  • Honours in Bangla
  • Honours in Education
  • Honours in English
  • Honours in History
  • Honours in political Science

Bachelor of Commerce

  • Honours in Accounting and Finance
  • Honours in Marketing
  • General

Bachelor of Science

  • Honours in Economics
  • Honours in Geography

Subjects Offered as combinations for B.A. / B.Sc. (Honours) Courses :

  • Economics
  • Education
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Political Science
  • Statistics

Languages Offered (Compulsory) in the 1st Year
1. B.A. / B.Sc. Courses
     a. Compulsory English
     b. Alternative English or Compulsory Bangla or Compulsory Hindi.
2. B.Com. Courses
     a. Communicative English
     b. Alternative English or Compulsory Bangla or Compulsory Hindi.
     c. Compulsory Subject in the 3rd Year
     d. Environmental Studies




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