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Address: Hooghly Engineering & Technology College Vivekananda Road, Pipulpati, P.O. & Dist. Hooghly, Pin 712103, West Bengal.
Website: www.hetc.ac.in
Email: mail@hetc.ac.in
Phone: Phone: +91 33 2681 0505/2680 4121/5702 Fax: +91 33 26803026
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A Brief OverView About the  College     HOOGHLY ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE (HETC) is a Degree Engineering College, run by Hooghly Engineering & Technology College Society, a non-profit making Organization engaged in the promotion of Technical Education amongst the students and the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the Society   A good number of eminent social workers, educationists, public men are directly involved in the Management of the Society.    The Managing Committee of the Society consists of eminent Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, and public representatives looking after the different sector of activities of the Society. It is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act 1956   HETC has been established in Hooghly and within a span of 3 years it has become a part of the heritage that Hooghly represents.    Hooghly Engineering & Technology College has set from the very beginning, as its goal, quality technical education, which endeavors to achieve high levels of academic excellence. It is planned in such a way that a student can get all facilities and help to reach his destination.The laboratories have been setup not only according to the university syllabus, but also with the state-of-the-art equipment.   The HETC can boast of teachers of quality. The discipline is the backbone of any system and the college is duty bound to produce hardcore professionals and an effective system can only give the desired result.The college consists of an academic and administrative building, a library and a vast area of open land, which helps the growth of young talents under healthy and natural environment  CLASSROOM & TEACHING AIDS   The classrooms in the Hooghly Engineering and Technology College have been aesthetically designed in with the surrounding. The classrooms are spacious and well lit by natural light and provide a panoramic view of the campus. The modern seating arrangement in the classrooms provides the student the comfort needed for Stimulating Learning Experience.  Library    A well-equipped library is the most basic need for any aspiring student. HETC can boast of possessing a library with a building (and a large water body) about 8000 books both text & reference which caters to the needs of the students, faculties & other staffs. These necessities are complemented by a wide selection of periodicals, magazines & newspapers. Access to current journals and textbooks are available online at the library.   A good number of technology journals are provided for the constant update of the students and faculty about the latest developments in the field of science and technology.   The Library also provides a reading room with a capacity to accommodate 100 readers. It has cubicles where a reader can spend hours doing reference work without being disturbed.   The library is staffed by professionally qualified staffs, who are committed to constantly upgrade & improve the case of access to & retrieval of information. The in-house of the library is connected with Internet facility. The current collection of the library will be available online shortly.   HOSTEL   Though a non-residential institute it has developed well-arranged separate hostels to accommodate both girls and boys. Both the hostels are well furnished and have a completely electricity back up through generators and 24 hours water facility. All the hostlers are to observe a set of protocols to ensure order and disciplined collective life.  SECURITY SERVICE   The institute has employed the service of a private security agency to provide 24hours security to the campus. All the hostilities are dedicated to few rules & regulations that keep the institutional standards unbend & are looked after by the respective security in charge. Students are not permitted to leave the campus with out proper permission from the departmental head & the college gates are locked during the college hours for the trespassers. The security system is very much sincere who takes good care of the college premises.  CAFETERIA   The institute has a cafeteria within the campus where variety of food and snacks cooked under hygienic condition are available to the student at very reasonable prices. It caters to the hostel boarders also.   Recreational Facilities    H.E.T.C. believes that a healthy body has a healthy mind. The institute has catered for serious sports facilities both out door & indoor games for the total development of students. The institute provides facilities for games like football, cricket, badminton, table tennis etc. Above all there is facility to access Internet in their leisure that can help the students to communicate with the world of knowledge.

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