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Plinth 15

By Ayush Garg
Plinth 15
Tuesday, January 27 2015 05:30
to Friday, January 30 2015 05:25

Into its second version, this festival comprises of a plethora of events as well as talks by eminent personalities in the field of science, technology, management and literature bringing together participants from across the length and breadth of the country.

 Welcome to PLINTH 2015!

 Speaker Series:


Computer Science Society – Computing and programming has enabled humans to make machines do enormous tasks at their whims. But, mistakes in the same waste human endeavours. Will you survive or fall into the abyss of buggy code? PLINTH presents an immense opportunity to all the coders, hackers and developers to showcase their talent.

 Electronics/Mechatronics – For those of you who are addicted to the crackling of electronic-circuits and mind-boggling mechanical applications, PLINTH presents a diverse set of events with challenging problem statements. Encompassing areas like embedded, robotics and circuit designing, be prepared to play with currents and voltages to your advantage. It’s time to grab your mettle, act on metal!

 Management – From exploring your avenues in marketing and tackling your brain with the good ol’ case study, to the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship, PLINTH brings to you a varied line of Business Events that are sure to test your business acumen, intellectual prowess and much more. Welcome to the biggest race to analyse, decide and innovate!

Quizzing – Race against the clock, get your buzzing accurate and brush up your know-how, because PLINTH brings together some of the most competitive quizzers and quizmasters of the country – all battling the questions on the path to glory!

Astronomy – If you want to rise above this planet, if you have the burning desire to unveil the mysteries of this universe, come and live your passion, prove your mettle in a diverse range of competitive Astronomy events and quizzes.

Literary – PLINTH welcomes the remarkable, witty, sensitive and brilliant literary-geeks to come together for competing in readings, debates, discussions and quizzes. A space to dare, dream and imagine, this is your chance to triumph with the right flow of thoughts!

PLINTH proudly presents its Speaker Series, to inspire and motivate thousands of young minds by eminent personalities which are pioneers in their respective fields. The talks shall tickle every aspect of your intellect. Be it nature, science, technology, economy, entrepreneurship or society. Come. Listen. Get Inspired!



This segment is one of those rare avenues where you can see and experience a wide spectrum of modern science and technology from across the nation. PLINTH brings in the most advanced and recent exhibits of diverse genres to leave you awestruck by the grandeur of modern scientific know-how!


Industrial Conclave:

PLINTH presents the Industrial Conclave, which forges ahead as an ideal interface between the industry and the students. With young entrepreneurs and budding corporates sharing their

invaluable experiences with the young minds of today, coupled with networking breaks, this

provides a quintessential platform for you to understand the internal dynamics of the ever growing industry.



PLINTH brings to you the much popular "workshops", providing you valuable hands-on experience under the guidance of renowned professionals. Based on ‘learning by doing’ principle, the workshops promise to be an enriching experience with significant interaction amongst peers having similar interests.

Online Challenges:

Forming the crux of the pre-fest series of events, the online challenges provide a glimpse of the upcoming aura of PLINTH. Quizzing, coding, virtual stock market, online treasure hunt and likewise events encompass everything for all ages and tastes, especially for enthusiasts who live in distant corners of the country and are unable to attend the on-site fest.


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