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25th International conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences (ICEBSS)

By icisdsmt
25th International conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences (ICEBSS)
Saturday, June 22 2019
10:00 to 17:00

25th International conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences (ICEBSS), organized by IRP, Beijing, Chinaon dated 22 June 2019 invites and encourages you to submit your well thought research paper for ICEBSS-2019.

 Advertising Management
 Business Intelligence &Ethics
 Business Information Systems
 Commerce & Trade
 Cost Management
 Business / Company Law
 Business Performance Management
 Business Statistics
 Communications Management
 Consumer & Buyer Behavior
 Corporate Finance & Governance
 E-Commerce & E-Marketing & E-Business
 Organization Development
 Hotel Management
 Human Resources
 Information Systems
 Information Technology Management
 International Finance & Trade
 Production & Organizations
 Operations Management
 Decision Sciences
 Human Resources Management
 Management Information Systems
 Management Sciences
 Market Structure &Pricing
 Organizational Communication
 Resource Management
 Small Business Enterprise
 Strategic Management & Policy
 Systems Management
 Technology & Innovation
 Transport Studies
 Time Management
 Product Management
 Knowledge Management
 Hospitality Management
 Strategic Management
 Organizational Behavior & Theory
 Operations Research
 Finance & Investment
Agricultural Economics
 Comparative Economic Systems
 Government Finance
 Health Economics
 Financial Economics
 Economic Development
 Household Behavior Family Economics
 International Economics
 Labor Economics
 Economic Development
 Economic Policy & Systems
 Environmental Economics
 Law & Economics
 Political Economy
 Renewable Energy
 Environmental Economics
 Rural Development
 Regional Development
 Urban & Regional Planning / Economics
 Welfare Economics
 Sustainable Development
 Energy Economics
 Tourism Economics
 Emerging Economics
 Monetary & Fiscal Policies
 Quantitative Methods
 Applied Econometrics
 Game Theory
Social Sciences
 American Studies
 African Studies
 Asian Studies
 European Studies
 Middle Eastern Studies
 Public Administration
 Public Economics & Finance
 Public Relations
 Public Responsibility & Ethics
 Regional Studies
 Development Planning & Policy
 Educational Management Planning
 Social Work
 Youth Studies
 Gender & Woman Studies
 Language Studies
 Colonialism & Post-Colonialism
 Citizenship & Nationalism
 Social & Civil Services
 Racism & Ethnicism
 Pension & Social Security
 International Relations
 Creative Arts
 Adult Education
 Armed Forces
 Peace & Conflict
 Human Rights
 Dramatic Arts
 Special Education
 Jewellery Design
 Tile Art
 Painting Arts
 Media & Communications
 Public Policy
 Distance Education
 Humanitarian Affairs
 Budgeting & Finance
 Power & Identity
 Information Theory and Cryptography
 Environmental sustainability
 Modern Management
 Bio informatics and other allied areas. Business studies
 Human Resource Management
 Organizational Behavior
 Strategic Management
 Strategic Human Resource Management
 Managing People and Organization
 Managing Change
 International Business
 Management of Small Business
 Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Development
 Management Science
 Operations Management
 Business Dynamics
 Strategic Policy and Entrepreneurship
 Managing Multinational Enterprise
 Environmental Management
 Public Institutions Management
 Governance, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality Industry Management, Contemporary Issues in Management, and all other Management areas.

Sunworld Hotel
China, Beijing Shi, Dongcheng Qu, DongDan, Dengshikou St, 88号天伦松鹤大饭店 邮政编码: 100006Plan my route

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