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Exodia 19

By Tanya
Friday, April 12 2019 00:00
to Sunday, April 14 2019 23:59

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IIT Mandi, one of the pearls in the splendid tiaras of The Great Himalayas, hereby takes a stride to add to the shimmer of the gorge by bringing forth its Techno-Cultural festival ''EXODIA'' which is back with a bang!! , and to endorse your presence as a delight, we will make sure that you'll see more marvels this time. Exodia-reflects the Godly powers, the inexorable… in short the watchword of IIT Mandi. Exodia also happens to be one of the biggest college festival of northern india. This is your chance to immerse yourself into a huge variety of informative and lively events, showcases of cutting-edge technology, motivational speeches, and skill-sharpening workshops, specifically designed to present an exhilarating fusion of Technology and Culture, right at the HEART OF THE HIMALAYAS.

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Remake the retro

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Events in Exodia 19, Mandi:

Cultural events:
The sizzling ramp walks and the breath-taking designs amidst an aura of enthusiasm make this an enthralling experience for the participants and the audiences alike.

2. band slam
"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. It is the greatest communication in the world."
The Band Slam gives an opportunity to the enchanting melodies to cast a spell over the brook and rock pyramids of Mandi. The artists, the echo of their assonances and the beauty of their voices receive a platform to persist in the hearts of admirers forever.

3. street soul: nukkad natak
Acting is a very special process.It is behaving truthfully under imaginary
Here we bring everyone an opportunity to amaze
others with the ingenuity hidden inside themselves, whilst fighting the intense dramatic battles taking place in the streets.

4. synchronians: group dance
Synchronians comes up with beautifully coordinated dance groups which takes away the hearts of each and everyone sitting in the audience. The well-performed dances in the lap of the Himalayas helps you see the beauty of the unnoticed activities of the human - dancing with a great impact.

5. groove fanatics
GROOVE FANATICS provides all the amazing dancers out here with the opportunity to make the world feel the warmth of their passion, to let the people sway in sync with the beats they dance to and to create breath taking memories for themselves. After all, what could be better than making the world take notice of your grooves and beats?

6. Canvas
How does it appeal to you when that jigsaw puzzle you spend hours on, jiggering those arbitrary pieces, finally culminates into something that makes sense? Sheer pleasure, right! Here at Exodia, we offer you something even more enticing, not just affixing your chunks, but actually making them out of scratch. All you need to have is a group of inventive minds, each individual painting an erratic piece of drawing and the whole group joining these together into a reasoned piece of art.

Technical Events

1. Robo Wars
Ever got fascinated by robots fighting? How cool would it be to make a robot on your own and jump into the war zone
EXODIA gives you a platform come showcase your skills

2. Line Follower
Making a robot that follows a path and solves a maze is mesmerizing come solve the EXODIA maze.

3. Hurdle rush
Crowd, Cheering, Intensity, Competition, Hurdles and Rush. The race track is all set for one of the most popular and competitive robotic competition around- Hurdle Rush! Is your car fast enough? Let's find out –

4. Junkyard Wars
An innovation-based competition which helps the participants enhance their thinking and
creativity skills by provoking them to solve issues caused by trash.

The event is an on-the-spot design and fabrication challenge where the teams will be
tested on their ability to crack the problem at hand and come up with solutions from the
available heap of garbage junk.

5. Nirmaan

Whilst walking on a bridge, its natural for an engineer to wonder about its construction, to get curious about its strength and design, to be eager to predict its durability.
Viaduct is an on the spot event wherein the participants have to build a bridge using the materials provided. Thinking at an elementary level, grab the opportunity to make a structure that would stand firm on the strong base of your structural knowledge.

1. DMF:Dunes Music Festival EDM night
Ever experienced DJ spinning its track amidst the Himalayas. Every night of EXODIA will thrill you with mesmerizing music and stunning performances.
2. DJ Tejas


Your trip stands incomplete if you did not try this in the valley of Kamand, it gives you a different experience for sure.

2. Paintball



Event Co-ordinators:

Rishabh dharmani 8629849794

Fest Mail ID:


How to reach IIT Mandi, Mandi:

To reach IIT Mandi's main campus from Mandi town:

By IIT bus: IIT Mandi's shuttle buses ply regularly between Mandi and Kamand. The bus route starts at IIT Mandi Kamand campus and ends at Mandav Block, bus stand, Mandi – the transit campus of IIT Mandi.

By taxi: Taxis are stationed outside Mandi main bus stand 24 x 7. The cost of a one-way trip to the IIT campus is about Rs. 600/-

By HRTC bus: Himachal Road Transport Corporation/Local buses also ply between Mandi and Kamand. Please note that these buses sometimes can be crowded.

To reach Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.:

To reach Mandi by road: The usual travel route to Mandi is via Delhi or Chandigarh.

From Delhi:
By bus/taxi: From ISBT (Interstate bus terminus) platforms 6-8, Kashmere gate, Delhi, one can catch buses towards Manali or Mandi. You can opt for different types of buses ranging from ordinary, to deluxe to AC. For more details, please visit hrtc.gov.in (Himachal Road Transport Corporation website). Other state buses and private buses are also available. The road distance between Delhi and Mandi is ~475 km. and it usually takes approximately 12 hrs (depending on traffic and other conditions) by bus. Traveling by taxi or personal vehicle, reduces the journey time by nearly an hour.

By train: The alternative to reach Mandi from Delhi is to travel by train up to Kiratpur Sahib by Delhi-Una Himachal express (Train number 14553). It takes approximately 3.5 hrs to reach Mandi from Kiratpur by road. The Kiratpur Sahib railway station is very small and a bit far from the bus stand. All the buses coming from Delhi and Chandigarh towards Mandi, pass through Kiratpur Sahib. There are well connected trains to Chandigarh from all parts of India.

From Chandigarh:
By bus/taxi: From Chandigarh the buses to Mandi are available at Sector 43 bus stand. The other choice from Chandigarh to Mandi is to travel by taxi. The distance between Chandigarh and Mandi is ~200 kms. This distance can be covered in approximately 6 hrs by bus. By taxi, it usually takes around 5 hrs.
Timing of Volvo Bus to and from Mandi
Mandi to Delhi via Chandigarh Depart 8:00 AM Arrive 6:00 PM
Delhi to Mandi via Chandigarh Depart 8:25 PM Arrive 6.30 AM
To reach Mandi by Air:

The most convenient way to travel by air is via Chandigarh airport. It is at the distance of 214 Kms and takes around 6 hours to reach IIT campus. Chandigarh is well-connected with non-stop flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and direct flights from Kolkata and Chennai. Two other nearby airports are: Dharamshala airport, Gaggal which is around 150 Kms (3.5 hours) and Kullu airport, Bhuntar, at the distance of 50 Kms (1.5 hours).

Bookings for travel to Mandi can also be made through www.makemytrip.com, www.rebus.in and www.hrtc.gov.in

Offices and guest house.:

Offices and guest house in Mandi town: Offices, guest house and labs at the erstwhile Mandav Hotel, are situated above the main bus stand in Mandi. This is a 10-minute walk from the bus stand. The path is fairly steep, so if you have luggage, it may be easier to hire an auto-rikshaw from the bus stand. The fare is about Rs.20/-. There are 3 rooms available for accomodation. The guest house has a dining room and other dining options are also available.

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