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Two Days Faculty Development Program on Out Come Based Education 2018

By Saanvi
Friday, October 26 2018 00:00
to Saturday, October 27 2018 23:59

Event Details:

Outcome based education (OBE) is student-centric education system that focuses on measuring student performance through outcomes. Its focus remains on evaluation of outcomes of any program by stating the knowledge, skill and behavior, a graduate is expected to attain upon completion of a program and after 3– 5 years of graduation. In the OBE model, the required knowledge for a particular degree is predetermined and the students are evaluated for all the required parameters (Outcomes) during the course of the program.

Objectives of FDP -

The Workshop is organized with the intention of making Outcome-based education (OBE) Practical and real in an institutional setting. It is an interactive and exercise based activity with the following objectives:
• To Identify goals, objectives and outcomes of any program of study or course.
• To explore the learning design possibilities and to develop a suitable learning environment.
• To become aware of the changing paradigms in learning Assessment.
• To Understand outcome-based education framework in one's own curricular setting

Event Caption:

Empower Enable Engage

Event Theme:

Outcome based Education

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Events in Two Days Faculty Development Program on Out Come Based Education 2018, Yelagiri Hills:

Day One:
10.00 AM Inauguration
10.45 AM: Break
11.00 AM: Significance of OBE and Accreditation Process
11.45 AM: OBE Learning Goals.
12.30 PM: Group Work (PEO'S, PO, PSO& CO)
1.00 PM: Lunch Break
2.00 PM: Presentation / Discussion on OBE Learning Goals.
2.30 PM: OBE-Learning Design
3.00 PM Group work (Lesson Plan, Course Plan, Course Assessment)
3.30 Discussion/Presentation on Learning Design
4.00 PM: Tea break
4..15 PM: Learning Design with ICT
5.00 PM Group Work ( Learning Design using ICT)
5.30 PM: Presentation /Discussion
6.00 PM: Break
6.30 PM: Cultural Programme
7.30 PM: Dinner.
Day Two:
9.00 AM: OBE Learning Assessment
10.00 AM: Group work (Learning Assessment)
10.30 AM: Presentation/Discussion
11.15 AM: Tea break
11.30 AM: Learning Assessment – Rubrics
12.30 PM Group Work/Presentation
1.00 PM: Lunch Break
2.00 PM: OBE Implementation Process
3.00 PM: Valediction/Feedback

Workshops in Yelagiri Hills:

About the Workshop
Globalization has brought in a clear shift from education as transmission of expert knowledge to education as building learner competencies which includes lifelong learning. The induction of India in the Washington Accord in 2014 with the permanent signatory status of India has triggered implementing Out Come Based Education (OBE) in Higher Education Institutions in India. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), a body for promoting international quality standards for higher education in India has incorporated OBE in to the Accreditation process. Outcome-Based Education (OBE) model is also being adopted at a fast pace at Arts and Science colleges at India based on NAAC recommendation. This Workshop is open to all faculty members from Arts and Science colleges, Engineering colleges as well as Polytechnic Institutes to have direct exposure to the theory and practice from experts in the field.

Two Days Faculty Development Program on Out Come Based Education 2018 Fest Guests:

• Rev.Dr. Thaddeus S. SDB, Principal Don Bosco College –Yelagiri
• Dr..B.S.Ponmudiraj Senior Deputy Adviser (Academic) , NAAC,Bangalore.
• Dr. Marmar Mukhopadhya, Chairman Educational Technology and Management Academy, New Delhi
• Dr. M.G. Sethuraman, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Gandhi gram University, Dindigual.


Last Dates for Registration:

Last date for Registration 23rd October 2018

Two Days Faculty Development Program on Out Come Based Education 2018 Registration Fees :

3 persons: INR 3000.00
(IQAC Member and two faculties)
Individual Registration per person INR 1200.00


Event Co-ordinators:

Devendiran 9789635615, Event Coordinator
Dr. Vetrivelan 9629880557, Organizing Secretary

Fest Mail ID:


Tamil Nadu
Don Bosco College
Yellagiri Road, Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu 635853, IndiaPlan my route

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