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By Myra
Friday, October 12 2018 00:00
to Saturday, October 13 2018 23:59

Event Details:

LUMIERE 2K18 is an intercollegiate fest organised by Department of Psychology - Jain University, JC Road Bangalore

Event Theme:


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Events in LUMIERE 2K18, Bengaluru:

 The number of participants from each college is limited to 15 students.
 Each participant should carry identity proof.
 Students taking part in the events should register on the day of the fest at the registration committee. On spot entry is not obliged.
 Students should refrain from abusive language, obscene display and revealing costumes during the competitions, failing which they will be disqualified.
 Smoking, drinking and consumption of any such 'substances' are prohibited.
 The judges' decision is final.
 Participants should go through the event rules and adhere to the specifics. Participation, props, music etc for certain events should be confirmed Pre-registration if required by contacting the event head.
 A participant can participate only in one event during the simultaneous timings for events; a participant is not restricted to participation in any number of events as long as the event timings do not clash.
 All the events will commence at the scheduled time; Punctuality will be appreciated.
 Rules are subject to changes at the discretion of the Management/Organizers.
 Criteria for Overall championship include participation in maximum number of events as well as the total scores obtained in the competitions.



 7 minutes (5 2 minutes) per team. Negative points for exceeding the time limit.
 One team per college with minimum 5 and maximum 8 students.
 Props and music is allowed. The music should be submitted prior to the event during the registration.
 Their music should only contain instrumental and no lyrics.
 The act should not contain any dialogue or lip sync.
 Obscenity will lead to disqualification.
 Points will be awarded on the basis of innovation, depiction of the situation, team work and expressions.
 Judges' decision will be final.


 Individual event.
 There will be 3 rounds of the competition based on which participants will be judged.
 Round 1 Prelim.
 Round 2 Eliminations.
 Round 3 Finals.
 Further information is provided at the time of the participation.


 Individual Event.
 Topics will be given on-spot.
 Only chart paper will be provided.
 Shading pencils and Charcoal can be used.
 Can't use Mobile phones.
 Can't copy from other pictures.
 Both caricature and slogan will be judged.
 Duration: 2 Hours.


 Individual Event.
 Theme will be given on-spot.
 The photographs should be relevant to the theme of the fest.  3 best photographs for each should be given. Street photography, Emotions photography, Nature photography.
 The student must submit both hard copies and soft copies of the photographs. Soft copies of the photographs can be submitted on a CD/ Pen drive at the allotted time.
 A maximum of 3 photographs can be submitted per student.  The photographs that are submitted should be as captured within the campus  No edits, no filters.
 Provide technical details of the image to retain the originality.  The photographs may be used by Jain University for display or publication purposes, but when used so, credits to the photographer shall be given.
 Only DSLR cameras can be used.

JAM (Just A Minute)

 Individual event.
 Multiple participants are allowed from a participating institution.
 Rules are strictly subject to the JAM Master's discretion, save a few basic tenets.
 Jammers must be clear and fluent
 .Each round of the elimination will have 6-8 participants, and will be subject to the JAM Master's discretion.
 6-8 participants will be chosen among all the participants for the finals, which will be an extended JAM session.
 Multiple rounds will be held in the finals.
 Participants will be judged on spontaneity, wit, humour, grammar and other miscellaneous criteria completely subject to the JAM Master's discretion.
 No vulgarity of any sort shall be entertained.
 Judges' decision is final.


 2 members per team.
 Materials required for the competition is to be brought by the participants.
 The painting is judged based on the relevance of the theme given on spot.
 Duration: 1 Hour.
 Can't use mobile phones and Internet.

DEBATE ( Turn coat)

 Individual event.
 Multiple entries allowed from the participating institution.
 The participant should speak "for" or "against" a topic.
 Topics to be announced prior to the participation.
 Each participant is given 4 mins to speak for and against the topic.
 Please restrain from using derogatory language.
 The topic given will be based on Psychology.


 Individual event.
 One Vocalist with a single accompanist ONLY allowed.
 The instruments used should be brought by the participant.
 Multiple entries allowed from the participating institution.
 Time Limit: 3 1 minutes.
 Any pre-recorded music/ sound is allowed.
 Indian music (solo) - Any regional language is allowed.
 No fusion will be entertained.
 Western music (solo) - Any genre is allowed.


 Individual event.
 There will be 3 rounds of the competition based on which participants will be judged.
 Round 1 Prelims Presentation round.
 The topics will be given a week prior to the event upon contacting the event head, based on which a PowerPoint presentation has to be prepared.
 The PowerPoint presentation should not exceed the time allotted: Time limit 5 minutes per participant.
 Round 2: Crisis situation: On the spot.
 Round 3: Brave the panel - judges will evaluate each individual participant following a personal interview round.


 2 members per team.
 There will be 3 rounds of the competition based on which participants will be judged.
 Round 1 includes a quiz round on various psychopathological conditions.
 Round 2 consists of diagnosing the psychological condition based on the information provided and forming a tentative plan.
 Round 3 is the judges' round.


 Individual event.
 One entry per college.
 Topic - Unconventional and Unique Relationships
 The short film should be submitted at the time of registration.  Time - 8 2mins
 Language - Any language but with English subtitles.
 Basis of evaluation - 1) Best direction 2) Best character ( only 1 out of all the submitted movies) 3)Best film
 The short films have to be strictly submitted in pen drive only 2 days prior i.e. on 3rd October.
 Participants from outside Bangalore can submit the short films on the day of the fest during registration to the coordinators.
 Judge's decision will be final.


 One entry per college.
 Duration - 1 hour.
 Only team entries are eligible.
 A team shall consist of max three persons.
 The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments.
 Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
Stage rounds: The quiz will have 3 rounds totally.

● Round 1:
 A question will be asked to a team and if they are unable to answer it will be passed to the next team.
 Each team would be asked 4 questions each. ( Objective questions with options)
 10 marks for correct answer and 5 negative marks for wrong answer.
 If a team cannot answer the question, they can pass the question & then the question would be forwarded to the next team.
 Answering time is only 30 seconds.
 Team discussion is allowed.

● Round 2:
 Rapid Fire Round: -Each team will be asked 10 questions one after another in one minute's time.
 10 marks for the correct answer and negative 5 marks for the wrong answer.
 Answering time is only 3 seconds.
 Team discussion is allowed.
 If a team cannot answer the question, they can say pass for the next question. The question will not be forwarded to the next team.

 Round 3:
 Buzzer Round- A question will be fired & the team who presses the buzzer first get to answer first – 6 Questions.
 10 marks for the correct answer and negative 5 marks for the wrong or if team doesn't after they press Buzzers. – No forwarding.
 Answering time is only 30 seconds.


 Individual event.
 Open mic. Multiple entries allowed from the participating institution.
 Time allotted 3 1 minutes.
 Multiple participants are allowed from each institution.
 A total time of 3 1 minutes are allotted to each participant.  No use of abusive language/foul language is permitted.  No dark humour content is permitted.
 No inappropriate double entendres are permitted.
 Participants are to stick to the time limit strictly.
 No inappropriate comments should be made that could hurt a community's sentiments pertaining to their religious beliefs, race, sex, culture or heritage during the gig.
 Highest weightage would be placed on originality and delivery of content.
 Detected plagiarism of content or use of inappropriate language will lead to negative marking or disqualification.
 The decision made by the judge(s) will be considered final.


 Individual event.
 Multiple entries allowed from the participating institution.
 Individual event.
 Poems must be original.
 Poem should revolve around the theme.
 No profanity.
 Time limit- 3 1 minutes.
 Judge's decision is final.


 Any dance form is accepted, the dance has to adhere to the theme.
 Minimum 4 maximum 8 participants.
 One entry per college.
 Vulgarity of any kind with respect to dance moves, costumes etc. will lead to disqualification.
 The music should be provided in a Pen Drive prior to the event.
 Time allotted 4 1 minute.
 No use of fire on stage.
 The dance must depict 5 emotions.
 The dance should not end with a negative emotion.

LUMIERE 2K18 Event Updates:



Last Dates for Registration:

October 6th 2018

LUMIERE 2K18 Registration Fees :

A registration fees of 100/- would be changed per head.800/- would be changed for 10 or more people per college.

Register at jainlumiere2018@gmail.com
Payment can be done on the spot.


Event Co-ordinators:

Hashir Ahammed AV (Fest Co ordinator) +91 9655196105.
Christopher Robert ( Fest Co ordinator) +91 70114 18928.
Chandana (Fest Co ordinator) +91 77950 33113

Fest Mail ID:



Mail at jainlumiere2018@gmail.com

How to reach Jain University, Bengaluru:

Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College
91/2 Doctor A N Krishna Rao Road Opp. BMS Law College, Sector 2, PWD Quarters, Vishweshwarapura, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004
080 4343 1000


Jain University
#44/4, District Fund Road Jayanagar, 9th Block Behind Big Bazaar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069, IndiaPlan my route

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