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By Kavya
Saturday, September 22 2018
00:00 to 23:59

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TEDxBMSCE is returning this year, and aims to serve as a platform for eminent leaders and changemakers of our society to voice their visions and views. Having a lineup of eight visionary speakers, TEDxBMSCE will be an event to watch out for. TEDxBMSCE is bringing together over one hundred open-minded, creative and forward-thinking individuals. They will include men and women representing all facets of Bengaluru, including business people, educators, artists, homemakers, activists, doctors, lawyers, students, futurists.
The theme this year is 'XII - Across A Dozen Dimensions'
It is inevitable that we walk through the path of life as time passes, sometimes if we are fortunate enough we can choose the path we take. Irrespective of the path we take, we are bound to meet new people, and they are all unique in their own ways. Each one of them have a story to tell, have something new to offer, a varied perspective. This perspective is metaphorized as a dimension. Each of them contribute to a dimension that makes this world a better place by providing vision and a path for the future. This event is all about that, by the end of the event, you along with your own perspectives will have an additional dozen dimensions added to your consciousness, helping you walk through your path of life efficiently and more knowledgeable than before.

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Across a Dozen Dimensions

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750 - Student Pass
1250 - Professional Pass


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Rajagopalan Varadarajan: 8904606243

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