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By Hiran
Saturday, September 8 2018
00:00 to 23:59

Event Details:

This technical extravaganza will be filled with numerous activities such as workshops and technical events organised by the various schools of the University with the primary objective being, "To nurture professional skills and impart fine qualities to the students." It also has gaming events to thrill and create an environment with fun and frolic. Additionally, technical exhibitions from various organisations are being planned to be hosted.

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Events in TECHNOVIT 2018, Chennai:

SHUFFLE AND WIN: Participants will be given jumbled up python codes and the desired output. They have to reorder it to form meaningful and executable code.
A team may contain 1-2 participants.
The event will have 2 rounds. Top performers from the first round will move on to participate in the final round.


TECHNOVIT 2018 Registration Fees :

Rs 200/- per team


Event Co-ordinators:

Akanksha Sinha: 8608729095
Sakshi Kulshreshtha: 7550170246

Fest Mail ID:


How to reach VIT University Chennai Campus, Chennai:

VIT Chennai,
Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road,

Tamil Nadu
VIT University Chennai Campus
Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600127, IndiaPlan my route

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