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Robotics System Learning 2018

By Riya
Saturday, October 13 2018 00:00
to Sunday, October 14 2018 23:59

Event Details:

We are living in the era where we wish humans behaved like robots and robots behaved like humans. Robotics blend computer science with electrical and mechanical engineering to create automated, intelligent machines. RSLK (Robotics Systems Learning Kit) from TI does exactly that by training professionals into diverse range of fields like computing, electronics skills and mechanical skills. The workshop covers the Electrical engineering concepts such as voltage, current, power and energy, Micro-controller interfacing with sensors, actuators, and motors; concepts of pulse width modulation, flash ROM, analog to digital conversion, digital to analog conversion, and serial data transmission, Software design and testing and Building systems using closed loop control, Bluetooth low energy, and Internet of Things. In this two day workshop, students will gain the basic knowledge of embedded systems and also gain skills on employing the learnt skills for building small specific purposes. The workshop is structured and tailored to meet the need of the engineering students to get a very good exposure of Robotics and their applications.

Please take up our eye opener survey about Robotics System Learning to have an overview about the workshop.
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Events in Robotics System Learning 2018, Coimbatore:

Take away kits (Ti- RSLK Basic- http://in.element14.com/element14/robot-basic-kit/basic-robotic-kiteducation-hobby/dp/2840450) will be provided.

STEPS Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. – Authorized Texas Instruments University Partner.

Team of 3 or 4 can register for this workshop

Knowledge of basics of C Programming required.
Understanding of any one or more Microprocessor/Micro-controller Architecture and working knowledge with any IDE desired.

A very good understanding of Robotics and its exploding applications.


Last Dates for Registration:

Registrations Opening Soon.... Stay tuned for updates


Event Co-ordinators:

Sherly Angel S - +918754184539
Roshini D - +919047797330
Abhinaav Ramesh - +918870379181

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For Accomodations Contact :
Roshini D - +919047797330

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