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iFest 18

By Saanvi
Friday, October 5 2018 00:00
to Sunday, October 7 2018 23:59

Event Details:

i.Fest '18 aims at providing a platform for budding engineers to showcase their talent and inculcate the valuable skill of innovation. The entire idea of 'Humanizing Robots' being one of the prominent norms of the 21st century, motivated us to promote the festival with its theme being "Vivifying Automata". i.Fest is a three-day long festival that will be organised from 5th to 7th October 2018. Last year, we witnessed over 2000 participants in this 3-day techno-social events from well known colleges, nationwide. The events we organise ensure coverage of various domains ranging from robotics to software development to business and finance. Along with that, we have an array of attractive fun events that entice the crowd and gather greater participation and lead to greater involvement in the festival. We are also planning to conduct a Hackathon during i.Fest this time.

Event Theme:

Vivifying Automata

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Events in iFest 18, Gandhinagar:

We have around 23 events from two domains i.e. technical and non-technical.


Each year we invite notable artists and speakers for the inaugural night which is attended by 2000+ people. A few artists and speakers who were invited in the past include Kunal Newar(Illusionist) , Abhiram Cuduvalli(Manager/Architect CISCO) and others.


1. i.Relay: Here's where the programming enthusiasts get to showcase their skills. They have to do it in teams of 3 where only 1 person codes at a time. Join the coding revolution.

2. i.App: Think your app is a game changer? This is where you can send in any kind of app - web, mobile, tablet, desktop - and make the best out of this opportunity.

3. i.Web: An event for Web Developers. A theme will be given to all participants two days prior to the event and they will have to build the website according to the theme and presentations will be conducted during the event.

4. i.Bot: Robotics has come a long way and i.Bot provides you a wonderful opportunity to build an autonomous bot to fulfil a problem statement and dive into the world of robotics.

5. i.Database: From Facebook to Zomato to your mobile phones, databases are everywhere! This is where modelling real-life scenarios and re-envisioning database designs come into play and players design their way through the given scenarios.

6. IoT Auction: [NEW] Students will engage themselves in a real-life auction where they will bid on a plethora of equipment. The task would be to build something from the same.

7. i.Biz: i.Biz provides a platform to young minds with business acumen to come up with plans to make it big. And you could also pitch in your start-up ideas and get investors!

8. Blind C: Confident enough about your coding skills to be able to write them down
blindfolded? (Well, not literally. But you'll be screen blind!) Show us how you'll do it.

9. i.Quiz: The hunger for quizzes is truly satisfied by i.Quiz, a tech-based quiz featuring mind-boggling questions for all the quizzing enthusiasts.

10. i.Ganith: For math geeks who love walking through numbers, this is an event where
mathematical skills stand out. Come show us your mathematical instinct.

11. i.Crypt: Love abstracting, coding and decoding? This is the event where participants will get to decrypt and encrypt messages and codes.

12. Roboclash: [NEW] Robots are transforming our lifestyles so gear yourself up for action-packed live robot fights. Engage with an enemy and plunge into the fights.

13. Hackathon: [NEW] The Women In Engineering (WIE) affinity group of IEEE SB DA-IICT is proud to present the annual Hackathon, Tic-Tech-Toe '18. In this Hackathon, all the participants will develop innovative mobile/web applications in a time- frame of just 36 hours! The designers, thinkers, programmers and developers will come together to create useful applications which might pioneer in the near future or are extended versions of the already ruling notions in the app market. Apps may be built on Android, iOS or Microsoft platform and hence not constraining the creativity of the participants. The best applications will be recognized and rewarded handsomely!


1. Treasure Hunt: A secret treasure expedition will be conducted within the territory of
DA-IICT. Dare to unveil the forbidden treasures that lie within the shadows. A complete fun-filled event where the students hunt for various "treasures" around the campus.

2. i.Clash: Do you get an adrenaline rush while playing games? Then this event is what you've been waiting for! We bring to you the gaming experience of counter strike, Dota and NFS.

3. i.Cube: This is for cubing enthusiasts, those into solving the world's favourite challenge, the Rubik's cube. Show us how your fingers move mechanically when you get a cube.

4. i.Maze: Love solving crossword puzzles? Challenge your mind to the mysterious world of puzzles through i.Maze.

5. i.Capture: Are you an amateur photographer or a photography enthusiast? Do you understand the craft of taking pictures, documenting a story, conceptualizing an idea and capturing emotions? If so, then this is the competition for you.

6. i.Rubble: One man's trash is another man's treasure. Make simple yet stunning things from turning trash into seriously entertaining, well-designed toys, by just using basic principles of science.

7. i.Decipher: If visual cues and neuron twisting questions lead to a sudden surge of impulses in your cerebral cortex, then you are at the right place. Do your best to find the elusive link and fill in the tantalizing blanks.

8. i.Ride: We all know to ride a bicycle fast, but the real challenge lies in riding it slow.

9. i.Design: A theme-based digital designing competition where the participants will have to gather in a place with their laptops and required software and theme will be given to them on the spot. Put your creative minds on work and show us what you can design!

10. i.OHunt: Online Treasure Hunt! Answer of the current puzzle is the link(URL of Next Puzzle) to next puzzle.



Event Co-ordinators:

Abhi Ratnman: +91 7574842044
Sanjoli Singh Chauhan: +91 7600816346
Jainil Pariya: +91 9558021183

Fest Mail ID:


Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology DAIICT
Near Reliance Chowkdi, DA IICT Road, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382007, IndiaPlan my route

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