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TechIdeate'14 - Annual Technical Fest

TechIdeate'14 - Annual Technical Fest
Friday, February 28 2014 23:30
to Monday, March 3 2014 08:30

Manipal University Jaipur will be holding its Annual Technical Fest, "TechIdeate'14- Innovate to Accelerate" from 28th February to 2nd March,2014. It is not only an avenue for the greatest ideas in the world but brings to you a collaboration of technology, knowledge, innovation, thoughts, entertainment and of course, Ideas. 

TechIdeate'14 offers various challenging events in different fields of engineering and science including Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics etc. It also includes guest lectures and talks by renowned speakers and various industry experts. 

One of the major attraction of TechIdeate'14 is Student Technical Seminar (STS'14), sponsored by IWCEM, which provides a platform for UG & PG students to present their research papers at a National Level. 

In addition to this, various workshops related to emerging technological fields will be conducted by reputed organizations during the fest. 

 List of Events:-

BOT-OPS (Mechatronics):- Trace The Track, Havoc (ROBOWARS). 
Mechanico(Mechanical)-Catapult Design, Hydro Bot, Junkyard Wars, Hot Wheels etc. 
ElectroneX (Electronics)- Project Expo, CircuitriX, Spin LED Display. 
Faraday’s Battle Field (Electrical)- Junkyard Explorer, Micro Bug, Renewable Source of Energy. 
Cybertrix(Computer Science & IT)- Cryptic Quest, Ultimate Prankster, De-Cipher, Codaddiction etc. 
Edifinovation(Civil)- Bob the Builder, Floating Bridge, Wobby Foundations, Sink & Swim, Fuzzy Block Ming etc. 
Common Events-Tech Quiz 
Mathematics- Relay Mathematics, Matheletics, Poster Presentation. 

Exhibitions, Fun events & many more.

Lots of prizes & goodies to be won!

The Campus Ambassador Program of Manipal University, Jaipur aims at promoting its college festivals in various prominent colleges across the country. It is a unique opportunity for students to enhance their skills in the fields of publicity, marketing, networking , and maintaining public relations at a national level by acting as the campus ambassador for their college. A campus ambassador from the college will be chosen to promote and publicize the fest of Manipal University Jaipur in a timely manner.

“An ambassador is not simply an agent, he is also a spectacle”.

- by Walter Bagehot

The framework of responsibilities that we expect the ambassadors to take on:

1. Putting up posters of our events on student notice boards. 

2. Forwarding the mails to your student mailing list. 

3. Publicizing our events on your social media channels by sharing the link of our event.

Incentives of being a Campus Ambassador:

1. Opportunity to collaborate with, and be a part of a network of thousands of students from all across India.

2. Gain exposure in national level event promotion, organization and brand management.

3. Each Campus Ambassador will receive a Certificate Of Recognition , which will help you succeed in your future career.

4. Motivate/Guide students in your college to register for our techfest events.

5. Exemption of registration fees including accomodation for a Campus Ambassador.

6. Additional benefits will be given to the top performers of the Campus Ambassador Program.
If you are selected as our Campus Ambassador, then you will be provided with all the data required for your task. 
We hope to get an enthusiastic response from all of you.

Important Dates:-
Announcement of Selected Campus Ambassadors : 13th February, 2014.
Stay tuned with us on
Manipal University Jaipur, Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway, Dhemi Kalan Village, Jaipur
Ajmer Road, Parshva Nath Colony, Nirman Nagar, Brijlalpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019, IndiaPlan my route

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