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Tuesday, October 10 2017 00:00
to Friday, October 13 2017 23:59

Event Details:

Effulgence'17 promises to present a plethora of events that would help students to enhance their skills in both technical as well as management fields.This technical extravaganza will provide ample of opportunities to the students to showcase their talents in aforementioned areas. Since the inception, Effulgence always aimed at providing quality competitive environment, as we believe it is the best way to enhance ones knowledge and also gives him a foretaste of competition that they will face in the future.
We at Effulgence have always believed that the best way to understand any concept is application and hence fostering efficient learning among students is our prime aim.

So, come and be a part of extravaganza and feel the swag of Effulgence'17.

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Events in EFFULGENCE 2k17, Sultanpur:

Events detail
Artificial intelligence will always be the centre of attraction of all. In this event we will consider the
case like blast in japan's atomic reactor that can not be controlled by human so far. In this case the
autonomous robot with artificial intelligence can be the best solution. In this event participant has to
make an autonomous robot that should follow the line and wall while traversing the whole arena.
The Skynet AI system is in trouble as we have destroyed most of its bots ... But still few bots are left
which has been given the task to create autonomous bots and to secure their AI system from us. Your
team has to infiltrate the last base of Skynet AI system left and get the intel about their next mission.
We have given you an Exo – suit to outsmart their AI system but since they test every new bot added,
your team has to establish credibility by making some simple autonomous bots for them.
Design a wired/wireless, manually controlled robot capable of overpowering its opponent in a dual
This event can opens the new door to the military for surveillance purpose. In this event there will be
arena on which the operator need to control their manual bots by seeing the camera view of their bot in
the laptop
Wall-E(Construct a Manual Bot) de novo becomes a great rescuer. He had preserved the Eva from all
bother predicament. There was a herd of stymied but Wall-E's scintillating heroism and meticulously
exhumed the Eva. He had gone against the danger, encountered hazardous militants and crinkled
mystify in his path. Wall-E some time siege with profligate and created a plight ballgame.
The fight for the FIFA World Cup has begun. This time, it is just not a football game it is the battle to
score a goal between the two great legends, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who are against each
other for the trophy, with their respective and best goalie to stop the goal. This time Effulgence presents
you with the thrill of FIFA World Cup in the scopes of Robotics. One side, it is the bot Ronaldo with
another bot as goalie, to face bot Messi, with his bot as goalie. Now, it is to be determined who is going
to win the cup for the football tournament. This event is a platform for participants to showcase their
robotics talents and also to bring alive the football spirit.

To design & fabricate a manual multi-copter(Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octacopter) which can complete
given tasks
It is an individual event and is a single level event . In each level there will be a problem statement
along with the solution which contain some bugs . Participants have to find the bug and rectify the code
so as to get the desired output .
Math_Mongo is an online mathematical coding event which gives you a great opportunity to try your
hands on some exciting mathematics ranging from probability, geometry, primes to an even broader
spectrum of aptitude, reasoning, deductions, number crunching and much more. Mathematics, here is
only a means and not an end. A sound knowledge of coding is also required.
It is a team event in which each team comprising of exactly three members shall be given 3
programming problems simultaneously on three different terminals. Each member of a team will be
required to take on one problem at each terminal. One member shall be only allowed to attempt one
problem for exactly 10 minutes, at the end of which, the team members will be required to switch over
to the fellow teammate's terminal and continue from the point left by the other teammate.
Codigo is the flagship online coding contest of Effulgence.It's an annual coding contest hosted on the
platform CodeChef in the month of September by KNIT Sultanpur.
Welcome Folks! "KNIT Sultanpur" brings you a feast of development to explore the artist in you, and
to give wings to the 'coder and geek' residing in you. "HACKATHON", is the only event of it's type
which will engage you to code for continuosly for "24 Hours". Yes you heard it right ! The goal of this
digital programming competition is to harness the creativity of all the young minds taking part in this
enthralling adventure. You have to develop product based on a theme given in "CHALLENGES"
Skynet is trying to take control all over. You are all getting a chance to show them who should be
having control. Skynet somehow got a bug in its communication system. You have to find the bug
before they do. As Skynet has send some troops on its own to get into our army... So you might be
tested first before going to the actual war... So be prepared As this comm. System is in the no man's
land so we need brave soldiers... ARE YOU BRAVE... to fight We also think Skynet is not in the mood
to leave this world ... It might come again as usual in 3 years... So here prove yourself when you have
the chance.

The 4th generation Programming language and Interactive environment 'MATLAB' hackathon in
EFFULGENCE 2K17! Don't have a firm grasp of the language? No worries! Links for the necessary
tutorials are given below.



Uttar Pradesh
Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology KNIT
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