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By M.Suresh
Friday, September 22 2017
09:00 to 17:00

Signal  processing  is  an  enabling  technology  that
encompasses  the  fundamental  theory,  applications,
algorithms  and  implementations  of  processing  or
transferring  information  contained  in  many  different
physical,  symbolic,  or  abstract  formats  broadly
designated  as  signals.  It  uses  mathematical,  statistical,
computational,  heuristic,  and  linguistic  representations,
formalisms,  and  techniques  for  representation,
modelling,  analysis,  synthesis,  discovery,  recovery,
sensing,  acquisition,  extraction,  learning,  security,  or
forensics. It  is a field of study that  is a combination of
both  mathematical  theory  and  physical  implementation.
MATLAB  is  an  excellent  tool  for  simulating  systems,
and  for  creating  the  ever-valuable  proof  of  concept.
Signal Processing toolbox provides functions and apps to
generate,  measure,  transform,  filter,  and  visualize
signals. The toolbox includes algorithms for resampling,
smoothing,  and  synchronizing  signals,  designing  and
analyzing  filters  and  measuring  peaks,  bandwidth,  and
distortion.  We  can  use  Signal  Processing  Toolbox  to
analyze  and  compare  signals  in  time,  frequency,  and
time-frequency  domains,  identify  patterns  and  trends,
extract  features,  and  develop  and  validate  custom
algorithms to gain insight into ours data.
This workshop  will  serves  as  a  platform  for  the
students,  teachers,  researchers  and  R&D  professionals,
who were working in the areas of signals and systems.

Kongu Engineering College,Erode
Thoppupalayam, Erode, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu 638060, IndiaPlan my route

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