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By Tanya
Tuesday, April 25 2017
00:00 to 23:55

Event Details:

GROOVI' is a World-Wide Dance Competition organized by Jhankaar-The beat of LPU. Participants have to send their dance video which will be uploaded on our YouTube channel and winner will be decided on certain criteria.

For more Information please visit

Events in GROOVIN 2017, Jalandhar:

Video will be uploaded on our YouTube channel and participants will be provided the link of their video and they have get maximum views and likes on their video. Winner will be deciding on the basis of following criteria:
• 1 View – 5 points.
• 1 Like – 10 points.
• No negative points for dislikes.
At the last day of the competition i.e. 25th April 2017 midnight, the overall points will be calculated and the video with maximum points will be awarded as 'Winner of the competition'.
• Participants should send their videos to jhankaar.multimedia@gmail.com
• No age limit is there.
• Instruction related to the video:
 Maximum duration : 3min
 No special graphics/video editing is allowed.
 Sound editing is allowed.
 Video must be renamed by the name of the person/group before emailing it.

 Video must be sent with mail containing all the personal information i.e. Name, Place, Age, Contact number, Email id, Name of college/university (in case of students/faculties).
 In case of group dance, details of all the dancers must be present.

• Participants must like our Facebook page fb.com/jhankaarlpu and fb.com/avivlpu and subscribe to our Youtube channel to get updates regarding the competition.
• Organizers hold all the rights to not upload a video if they find it violating the norms.
• Decision made by the organizers is final.
• For any queries/enquires mail at info@jhankaarlpu.in or send a message to fb.com/jhankaarlpu or fb.com/avivlpu.

Fest Mail ID:


Lovely Professional University
Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Road, National Highway 1, Phagwara, Punjab 144411, IndiaPlan my route

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