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Techno Vivarta 2017

By Bhavin
Friday, April 28 2017 00:00
to Sunday, April 30 2017 23:55



Event Details:

Techno India University is stoked to present to you it's second Annual Technical Fest, Techno Vivarta 2017: Thoughts Beyond Evolution. We're here as catalysts to enkindle the genius within you and let your creativity flourish. Gear up and take advantage of the numerous games and events we'll feature and let your technical demon conquer!


Event Caption:

Thoughts Beyond Evolution

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Events in Techno Vivarta 2017, Kolkata:

We have more than 30 exciting events starting from Robotics for all the technical enthusiasts to all the fun events which you can't wait to participate.
1. Robo Wrestle (Robo War)
2. Death Race (Robo Race)
3. SupaStriker ( Robo Soccer)
4. Elucidator (Line Following Bot)
5. Pacmazer (Maze Following Bot)
Applied Electronics:
1. Electroboom (Embedded Electronics)
1. Webyard (Web Designing)
2. EDVAC (Coding)
3. Gothika (Cryptography)
4. M.A.D. (Android App Development)
1. Skyfall (Rope-Way Bot)
2. Poseidon (Water-polo)
3. Grit (Hydraulic Arm)
4. Airborne (Ornithopter)
5. Re-Evolve (Project Exhibition)
6. Air Lift (Water Rocketery)
7. Power Truss (Bridge Making)
Fun Events:
1. Photography (Snap)
2. Cinematheque (Shortfilm Making)
3. Tark Samuha (Debate)
4. Left Meets Right (Quiz)
5. MicroTell (Microtales Writing)
6. PaintBall
7. Body Zorbing
8. Nerve Feud (Treasure Hunt)
9. Hunger Games
10. Boomerang (Online Event)
11. Mad-Ads (Online Advertising Events)
2. Counter Strike
3. FIFA 11
4. FIFA 17
5. Clash Of Clans
6. Mini-Militia




Event Co-ordinators:

Hitesh Agarwal(Head Organiser)
Subhajit Dam(Head Organiser)


Fest Mail ID:



Subhajit Dam - 9038627644


How to reach Techno India University , Kolkata:

Techno India University is situated in the IT Hub of Kolkata so it has good transport facility.



West Bengal
Techno India University
EM-4, EM Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, IndiaPlan my route

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