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IEEE CSE Presents Innovative Energy Management Summit – KU Chapter

By Yashvi
Saturday, March 25 2017
00:00 to 23:55

Event Details:

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a part of an E-Summit?

Do you have Innovative Ideas that you think might help address the needs of today's Global Energy Crisis?

If so, this Event is just for you.

This Event is all about innovation and expressing innovative ideas. Keep all Programming skills aside for a while and join us.

It is an open call to all you innovators out there.
This is an opportunity for all of you out there to express your innovative ideas and experience something you never did before.

What will you get out of it?
· Learn about the functioning of a Global e-Summit.

· Bring out the Innovator within you.

· Eliminate one of the greatest obstacles in a student's life, Stage fear.

· IEEE recognized certificates for the best innovators to boost up your Resume.

· Exciting cash Prize of Rs. 1500 for the winners.

The Idea of the event is pretty simple:

All Participants will be the part of a Global e-Summit, representing their countries as an Engineer appointed by their respective Governments in order to improve the situation of Energy Utilization across their countries.

Phase 1:
Participants will be assigned to a Country along with an Energy Resource (Example: Nuclear Energy, Thermal Energy)

Phase 2:
The representatives must speak over how to improve the efficiency of energy resources using cutting edge technologies along with Innovative Ideas to support their cause.

Performances will be evaluated based on the ideas presented by the participants exclusively by the Judge Panel.

So that's it, Guys! Grab this opportunity and ignite the innovator within you.

Event Caption:

Frugal Innovations for Digital India

For more Information please visit

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