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Assemble Code Compile Run

By Kavya
Thursday, March 23 2017 00:00
to Saturday, March 25 2017 23:55

Event Details:

A place where the knowledge and skill of the participant is tested right from the hardware to the software. A fabulous hand-eye coordination is required to finish the given tasks in the least amount of time with minimal errors.

Round 1: FIERY-FINGERS Think you can type? Nows your chance to jump in the ring - err, take a sear at your keyboard - and go head-to-head with the fastest typists around. Put your fierce typing skills to the test for a chance to go to the next round and a step closer to the victory.

Round 2: POLYGLOT The participants will be given a series of questions and the one wholl be able to solve it and write a code in as many languages as possible in the minimal amount of time and successfully run the program will be sent to the next round.

Round 3: KNOW YOUR HARDWARE You can almost smell the victory now. The finalists will be given a disassembled PC and a single problem. The finalists will have to name as many parts as possible while theyre assembling the PC to one piece. Then, they need to find the solution for the given problem by coding in as many languages as they can in the limited time. The evaluation will be done depending on the naming of the parts, the structure of the code and the number of languages in which the solution is created.

Prize Money: Rs. 1.5k

S Mahima
G. Vineeth Prakash

Event Theme:

Frugal Innovations for India

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