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By Samaira
Friday, March 10 2017 00:00
to Saturday, March 11 2017 23:55

Event Details:

MECHARENA is a National Level Technical Symposium conducted every year at UCE(A), OU, encompassing the everyday segments of life-work, fun and passion into a single technological theme. It is a two day tech fest teemed with exhilaration, admiration, challenges and innovations which entices upcoming engineers from all over the sub-continent. MECHARENA is deemed to be one of the best technical symposiums establishing new standards.
This time team MEACHARENA of UCE(A), OU is back again with bigger and better version of MECHARENA '17. It promises an unparallel excitement and a competitive platform.

Event Caption:

When We Rest the World Rusts

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Events in MECHARENA 2K17, Hyderabad:

1. Paper presentations
2. Robotics
3. Spot events
4. Workshops
5. Culturals
6. Live projects
7. Impetus
8. Junkyard challenge

Workshops in Hyderabad:

1. IC Engine workshop
2. Rapid Product Development by Reverse Engineering
3. Hands on Msc Adams Software

Paper Presentation Topics:

Thermal engineering
Manufacturing technology
Green engine technology
Engineering materials
Automation and control
Ball piston engine
Stealth aircraft technology
Fuel dilution
Orbital welding
Virtual Manufacturing
Alternate Fuels
Hybrid vehicles
Nano Robotics
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Driver-less car
Micro turbine generators
Micro electromechanical systems
Hydraulic machines
Thermo acoustic refrigeration

Last Dates for Registration:

9th March by 11:59 PM

MECHARENA 2K17 Registration Fees :

Visit our webiste

Event Co-ordinators:

Nitish- 9059963614

Fest Mail ID:


Osmania University
Osmania University, Amberpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, IndiaPlan my route

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