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Melange 2k17

By Yashvi
Tuesday, March 21 2017 00:00
to Wednesday, March 22 2017 23:55

Event Details:

First time in the history of K. S., we are going to organise a Cultural fest on a very big scale which is an Inter-college event.
It would be on of it’s own kind of cult fest catering to approximately more then 1 lakh students which in itself would be the big size of event in the entire Gujarat university.
Under the umbrella of Gujarat university, we have around 30 departments within the campus and we would be inviting all of them and this event would incorporate many more colleges of Ahmedabad.
The German word Melange defines itself as a blend of various activities bifurcated into 3 heads; i.e.
1) Academics
2) Performing Arts
3) Fine Arts
The seething minds will get platform to exhibit their intellectual capabilities in the events under the penname of Academic events.
In the serene atmosphere of Gujarat university campus we will held a beautiful evening of performing arts pleasing and soothing every mind.
Fine arts will enhance the finesse potentials of all the creative & artistic minds .
Lets come together and breathe Melange in each perspective.

Event Caption:

Blend of Events

Event Theme:

The Royal Heritage

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Events in Melange 2k17, Ahmedabad:

1) Academics
2) Performing Arts
3) Fine Arts

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