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Infoquest 2017

By Darshit
Thursday, March 16 2017 00:00
to Saturday, March 18 2017 23:55

Event Details:

Brand InfoQuest having established itself in the itinerary of Technical Festivals in the country, aims at bringing together a plethora of engineering talent from across the country to participate, learn and innovate as an engineer and more importantly, as a responsible youth who shall build the new face of and an emerging Nation; because the wheel of economy runs in the periphery of technology. And name synonymous with journey towards technical excellence and organizational proficiency.

InfoQuest having established itself in the itinerary of Technical Festivals, aims at bringing together and fostering a plethora of engineering talent and technical aspirants from in and around the state. The name synonymous with journey towards technical excellence and organizational proficiency is the most prestigious technical event held by our institute. InfoQuest 2017 promises to enable students to pit their ideas against one another in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. The earlier editions of InfoQuest were a huge success and we shall endeavour to make this edition even bigger. The spectrum of events range from A two day hackathon, Code Jam, Technical paper presentation, Gears of Rampage, Technical Workshops, Coding competitions to other events such as LAN & mobile gaming and many more spot events.

At JBIET we are 'engineers with a heart'. We strongly believe Innovation is increasingly being seen as the currency of 21st century. The future prosperity of India in the new knowledge economy will increasingly depend on its ability to generate new ideas, processes and solutions, and through the process of innovation convert knowledge into social good and economic wealth.InfoQuest 2016 was a huge success and we shall endeavor to make this edition bigger.

Event Caption:

Unleash the geek within

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Events in Infoquest 2017, Hyderabad:


-Paper Presentation

-Code Jam

-Gears of Rampage

-Clash of Clans


-Tech Maze



-Can you 'C'
Gears of Rampage:

Gears of Rampage is an innovative poweredup vehicle fight. The game drops players into heart pumping action with 4 cars on a real track with all aiming to grasp the pole position and battling each other as they collect intense powerups. The event shall feature cars being controlled by a mobile application running live in front of the audience.


Spend 3 days learning new skills and building a project from scratch. The environment shall provide a platform where complete beginners and experts can share knowledge and work on projects together.

Put your new knowledge to the test and build a project in 48 hours. Get help and advice from experienced students and industry mentors, and show off what you've built at the end of the event.


The event shall comprise of students facing off against each other in a fun yet competitive atmosphere where a set of coding challenges shall be provided to the participants which need to be solved faster than the opponent specified under the time limit. The event will present you coding challenges in C, C++, Java & python with variable difficulty levels. Interested candidates must register.

The complete event is based on Hacker Rank platform. There are 3 rounds in the event. The given problem should be solved within the time limit. Two teams will simultaneously face off against each other and the team which solves the challenge in the least time shall progress to the next round. As the level increases the difficulty in the questions will increase.


Paper Presentation Topics:

Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Grid Computing
Internet of Things
CyberCrime & Security
Web Spoofing
Brain Machine
Image Processing and Applications
Mobile Ad-HOC Networks

Any other trending technology

Infoquest 2017 Registration Fees :

All the registrations can be done through the Infoquest'17 app available on both Playstore and Appstore and through the site Infoquest2017.com

Event Co-ordinators:

Vamshi Krishna Anandesi

Sarthak Kammari

Fest Mail ID:


JB Institute of Engineering and Technology
Survey No. 156 To 162, Bhaskar Nagar, Moinabad Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075, IndiaPlan my route

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