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Python Interactive Programming for Engineers (PIPE)

By Team Campus Karma
Friday, February 3 2017 00:00
to Saturday, February 4 2017 23:55

Event Details:

Kongu Engineering College, IEEE Computer Society has been actively conducting several activities and initiatives to enhance the skills of students. As part of the initiative, we are Organizing Two days National level workshop on Python Interactive Programming for Engineers (PIPE) on FEB 3&4, 2016.

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Events in Python Interactive Programming for Engineers (PIPE), Erode:

workshop on Python Interactive Programming for Engineers (PIPE)

Workshops in Erode:

Course contents:

Python Data Types & Variables
 Numbers, Strings, Booleans
 Lists, Dictionaries & Tuples

Python Input / Output
Python String

Python Decision Making (if )
 The Relational Operators
 The Logical Operators
 if, if-else, if-elif Statement

Python for Loops
 Lists
 Tuples
 Dictionaries
 Files

Python while Loops
 Count-Controlled while Loops
 Event-Controlled while Loops

Python Functions
 Defining Functions
 Calling Functions
 Functions With Multiple Arguments
 Predicate Functions
 Recursive Functions
 Function Objects
 Anonymous Functions
 Higher-Order Functions

Python Interactive Programming for Engineers (PIPE) Fest Guests:

Prof. M. Joseph Auxilius Jude
Asst. Professor (Sr. Grade) / ECE

Prof. V. C. Diniesh
Asst. Professor/ ECE

Last Dates for Registration:

Last date for Ticket_ 27.01.2017

Python Interactive Programming for Engineers (PIPE) Registration Fees :

IEEE Student Members : Rs.750/-
Non IEEE Members (students) : Rs.900/-
IEEE Professional Members : Rs.900/-
Non IEEE Professional Members : Rs.1000/

Event Co-ordinators:


Mr.Sathiya Kubendran
Additional Secretary,IEEE SB-29741,
Vice chairman,IEEE-Computer society SBC-29741,
Kongu Engineering College,
Mail ID:sathiya.k.in@ieee.org
Mobile:+91 90929 93158

Mr.Rakesh Ravikumarrajan,
Additional Treasurer,IEEE SB-29741,
Treasurer,IEEE-Computer Society SBC-29741,
Treasurer,IEEE-Power and Energy Society SBC-29741,
Kongu Engineering College,Perundurai.
Mail Id: rakeshravikumarrajan@gmail.com
Mobile:+91 95667 91724

Fest Mail ID:



Accommodation: Rs.175/-
For Accommodation Contact: Mr. P.I.Ezhil Iniyan-86756 86099

Tamil Nadu
Kongu Engineering College
Thoppupalayam, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu 638052, IndiaPlan my route

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