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ELAN 2017

By Team Campus Karma
Friday, January 20 2017 00:00
to Sunday, January 22 2017 23:55

Event Details:

ELAN as the name suggests is a mesmerizing unification of Energy, Style and Enthusiasm. The Annual Techo-Cum-Cultural Festival of IIT Hyderabad.

With the upcoming Seventh Edition of ELAN we are introducing the theme for this time to be as "THE MEDIEVAL RAMPAGE", so this ELAN come experience the middle ages and their raw violence.

Together with ηvision (the technical fest of IITH) come experience the biggest and most awaited fest of Hyderabad with 100+ events including singing, dancing, robotics, electronics, coding and much more. Live each moment of the fest through various informal events, street shows and pro-shows, enjoy the exhibitions and numerous food stalls. With celebrities, concerts and artists performing over the three nights, celebrate the once in a lifetime experience.
So join us at IIT Hyderabad this January and feel the Energy, Zeal and Enthusiasm!

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Event Caption:

Undying Enthusiasm

Event Theme:

The Medieval Rampage

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Events in ELAN 2017, Hyderabad:


ELAN-E-JUNG -> Metal Band Competition
Watch As The Stage Is Converted Into A Battlefield As The Bands Sweat It Out In A Winner-get-all-no-holds-barred Contest

MANTHAN -> Fusion Band Competition
Lose yourself in the lilting guitar music dished out by the score.

CAMPUS PRINCESS -> An Event For All Those Pretty Ladies Out There!!


BREAKFREE -> Group Dance Competition
A Competition Where The Dancers Must Captivate The Audience With Their Immense Dancing Talent.

LOOSE YOUR FEET -> Solo Dance Competition
Shake A Leg. Twist Your Body. Break Your Neck. It's Time To Let Go.

DJ WARS -> DJ'ying Competition
For All The Aspiring Dj's Out There!!
Can You Mix'em Good Enough?!

NRITYANJALI -> Classical Dance Competition
A Perfect Traditional Touch For The Cultural Extravaganza.

JUST DUET -> Duo(Couple) Dance Competition
A Perfect Event For A Pair Of Dancers.

VIBRAZION -> Solo Singing Competition
A Battle Of Singing Where The Contestants Pellbind With Their Harmonious Notes.

OCTAVES -> Solo Instrumental Competition
This Event Pits The Best Against The Best On The Cultural Stage.

ANDAZ APNA APNA -> Mono Acting Competition
Step Up, And Leave The Audience Enthralled !

FILM FARE FIESTA -> Short Film Competition
Do You Think You Can Take After Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan And James Cameron?

PICELECTIC -> Competition for best pictures taken during ELAN
Portray Your Photography Skills By Shooting Pictures In,on And About Elan 2017.

NUKKAD NATAK -> Street Play Compitition
Haven't you ever wanted to change the way our country functions?
Well, it's time to be the change you want to see!

LEND YOUR VOICE -> Ever thought that you could have delivered the dialogues better than the actors in the movie?

NAIL ART -> Can You Add Your Intricate Details Creatively On Much Smaller Canvas Like Finger Nails?

MEHENDI ART -> Let The Henna Flow Out Of Your Cones And Let's See What Color It Brings To Your Life.

CLAY MODELING -> Bring Life To Figments Of Your Own Thoughts And Imaginations By Moulding Beautiful Structures Out Of Clay!

FACE PAINTING -> You Think You Can Have A Face Funkier Than Infamous "the Mask".

ART EXHIBITION -> Ever Visited An Art Gallery? Ever Checked Out Those Portraits Costing So Much?

RJ HUNT -> The Participants Need To Produce An Ad For The Product (funny Or Crazy) Given To Them.


ENIGMA -> Find the mysterious secret techniques to decrypt the given texts/messages. Clear all the levels in the allotted time to become the ultimate "cryptacker". It's a pen and paper event. Each team has to decode a series of crypted messages.

Compete against others hackers in exploring different levels of a challenge maze with your hacking skills. You will have to find your way to victory to defeat others. Its an on-the-spot event, in which there will a website/portal hosted locally and all the teams will have to navigate the website solving a series of puzzles and challenges. The first team to reach the goal or go the farthest in the time limit bags the prize.

PAPER PLANE -> With no technical prerequisite, paper plane is an event in which participants from any age group can participate. All they have to do is to fly a plane made from standard A4 sheet according to the undermentioned conditions.

THE GALILEO PROJECT -> Make your own Optical tube. This event is based on building of a simple terrestrial telescope with given components. Also, test your talent in physics by participating in a challenging quiz.

PRO QUEST -> Proquest is a competitive programming competition composed of three levels, for participants of all levels of expertise. Experience the beginner, medium and advance levels of programming from pen and paper programming to a truly challenging problem statement.

ALGORITHMA -> Algorithma is the perfect event for those who like to solve mathematical and logical puzzles as well as design algorithms, regardless of your knowledge of programming. Here we will test your problem solving ability in a series of steps. You will be given a set of puzzles and algorithmic problems. You have to write pseudocode or steps for solving a problem in words or draw a flowchart highlighting the approach for solving the problem anything which clearly describes your logic.

CROWD PITCH -> This event encourages people to express their idea in front of the crowd. This event focusses on the skills required for pitching in front of large crowds. Pitch is the first thing that is required by any entrepreneur. The main aim of the event is to decide the best pitch.

SALESMAN OF THE FEST -> This events tests the sales capability of participants and also shows their convincing power. We believe that sales is also one of the quality of entrepreneurship. This tests that quality.

ROBO QUIDDITCH -> Gryffindor or Slytherin? Fascinated by seeing quidditch in Harry potter anytime? Then this one is surely for you. Make a bot that can play quidditch for you. We will make your task easy here, your bot need not fly. It's Quidditch, but on ground.

ROBO WARS -> Interested in designing a bot? Want to test your robotic skills? The challenge is to create a robot (manually controlled / autonomous) whose sole purpose is to immobilize or otherwise move your opponent out of the arena within a stipulated time. This event aims to test your Robot against another in a field of combat where brute strength and cat-like reflexes hold the key to success.

ROBOSOCCER -> A soccer freak as well as a Robotics Freak too? well, this event is just for you. Robosoccer combines the universal excitement and amusement inspired by football, with the thrill and satisfaction of making a working robot from scratch. This event is a platform to showcase their robotics talents and bringing the football spirit alive. Teams are expected to build and operate a manual robot to play one-on-one soccer in a knockout tournament but just with cheering, heckling, massacres, nail-biters and a lot more!

PIRATES -> Too bored with ground based robot events, you have come to the right place. Pirates is a 'one of a kind' event where you are given the platform to create your own robot which floats and navigates on water. Starting from scratch, you get the chance to showcase your creativity and awaken the little engineer in you.

JUNKYARD WARS -> It's time for your team to dive into innovation and creativity, find a good solution and emerge as jugaads. So, pile up your enthusiasm to win the battle.

BRIDGE BUILDER -> Civil Engineering is an art; a profession of creative ability and logic. Architect provides an opportunity for participants to unleash their innovation in designing an object of significance and splendour .This event aims to harness practical design and constructional abilities of the participants. Participants have to design a Bridge using Popsicle sticks (icecream sticks) satisfying the given constraints

DRIFT KING -> Want to try making an IC engine? Drift king gives you a chance to design a machine with given constraints. In this event, the contestants are expected to make to an IC engine powered machine, that can be controlled remotely using a wireless remote controller, which can race against machines of similar construct on an all-terrain track packed with a number of obstacles.

CAD PRO -> BE A PRO Design Challenge will test your designing skills in 3D design software and here, you have to prove your expertise in a challenging scenario where you race against time.

DTMF RACE -> Gear up with your wireless bot. Here comes the race which will test the strength, stability, and cruelty of your bot. It's all about racing towards the finish line through tough terrain by crushing your opponents. Let's see who's bot is better equipped, better designed to win.

ELECTRONIC BLOOPERS -> Passionate about Electronics? Then this one is for you. This January, come and get immersed in an exciting world of electronics. Prove your mettle by participating in this quiz.

CIRCUIT HUNT -> This event will make sure how you build your theoretical concept , how good are you in implementing it and how well you know numbers. You have to solve the question given in problem statement, hack the output and implement the circuit . Each question is somewhat related to the previous one

JUGAAD IT -> One of the important works of an electric student is to debug a circuit. This event will test your ability to understand the circuit and debug it. You will have to tweak the circuit given to you to make it work according to the problem statement.

QUADCOPTER CHALLENGE -> Design and build a wireless remote controlled flying drone to complete the tasks with highest points possible. There are two rounds in the competition, of which the second one is a surprise round which will be disclosed at the venue. Top 3 teams from ROUND-1 are eligible to compete in ROUND-2.

SCITECH QUiZ -> Be it a Mars rover or technology that everyone is looking forward to in the country, 4G. Explore the world around you in a new way. Learn things that your friends have not even heard of by participating in this enthralling quiz.

AUTOMOBILE QUIZ -> If petrol and diesel be your lifeblood, and the piston beat your heart beat, this quiz shall be tailor made for you. By our very own automobile gods, an open challenge to other gods to win the race. Come, for it is going to be legendary


FOODATHON -> Let's See Who Is The Biggest Foodie.
But Wait, Is It So Simple!! We Don't Think So

MINUTE TO WIN IT -> This Contains The Traditional One Minute Games To End A Tiring Day. The Events Will Be Simple And Fun-filled.

HUMAN SIZED SNAKE & LADDERS -> Indulge Yourself In In The Favourite Board Games Of All Times.

LAN GAMING -> Everyone's A Gamer. Not Everyone's A Winner.

FINAL DESTINATION -> Ever Dreamt Of Finding Blackbeard's Treasure.

MAD ADS -> The Participants Need To Produce An Ad For The Product (funny Or Crazy) Given To Them.

CASINO ROYALE -> Who Doesn't Love To Gamble?

CONVERSATION COFFEE-> Talk With A Complete Stranger And Answer Questions About Him.

WALK THE RAMP -> You got the confidence to set the ramp on fire?
Think you have the presence of mind to impress the judges?

MR DETECTIVE -> Unravel All The Clues Hidden In Plain Sight And Be The First To Get To The Bottom Of The Mystery.

JUST A MINUTE -> You've Got A Minute To Win It.
Good Luck.

QUIZ CONCLAVE -> Set Of Themed Quizzes, And There's One For Everybody. The Jacks Of All Trades Participate In Various Rounds Of The General Quiz.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE -> Like To Quiz? Here's A Chance To Put Those Grey Cells To Work.

ELAN 2017 Registration Fees :

There is no registration fees for any of the events !
To register visit : www.elan.org.in/events

Event Co-ordinators:

Abhishek Rajput
+91 70937 06869

Vaibhav Singh
+91 99487 29250

Fest Mail ID:



Limited Accommodation available.
For details Visit :

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