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Mecosparx 2012| Mechanical Fest

By Team Campus Karma
Friday, October 5 2012
00:00 to 01:00

MECOSPARX'12 WHICH CLUTCHES ITSELF THE MEANING M--> MECHANICAL; ECO---> GREEN; SPAR--> CLASH thus sparx means CLASH FOR THE "x",,where x is the innovation,Ultimately the upshot of this techno spar(clash) will elucidate the effervescence of innovation (X).

MECOSPARX gonna be the "echo of Eco thoughts"... emphasizing the urge of green engineering. As We , the Mechanical engineers,,who Casts the world, Forges the campus Shapes the universe, Welds the rest of all branches,,, have the sole responsibility to conserve our fragile earth We have to be smart enough, and here is the platform to enhance your smartness, at velammal college of engineering and technology..in the 5th of october,,,get ready,,,for the techno clash......


Our mission is to prevent the third world war -->war between human and nature, mecosparx'12 ultimately gonna be the treaty between our mother world and us....


1. Paper Presentation.
2. Hydro Missile.
3. Caddenza.
4. Tech Quiz.
5. Innovator.
6. Best Mechanic.
7. Online Poster Contest.

For any queries feel free to Contact Us:

R. JOHN PATRICK (9486347099)
Mr. M.S.K.Vignesh Raj (7708037846)

How to Reach The College :

Velammal College of Engg and Tech, Madurai-Rameshwaram High Road, Viraganoor,Madurai-625009.


Facebook Page:

End time: 23 : 45

Tamil Nadu
Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai, Tamilnadu

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