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Mind Spark 12| Technical Fest

By Team Campus Karma
Friday, October 5 2012
00:00 to 01:00

MindSpark began with a mission to provide students across the country with a top notch platform to display their technical prowess. MindSpark was an attempt to throw concepts and theories into fresh viewpoints with the light that events were designed to provide. Considering the rapid pace of development of technology each event in MindSpark is designed to encourage participants to stay abreast of the most recent progress in their fields.

MindSpark, now in its sixth successive edition, is the brainchild of the students of College of Engineering, Pune. MindSpark encourages generation of new thoughts and helps these thoughts find expression. MindSpark provides an arena for the best engineering minds from all over the country to bring to life their innovative ideas.

While last year’s festival tried to bring an awareness on how we as engineers can work together to Empower India, this year’s event is striving to shed light on the Evolution of technology, which occurs as a consequence of our relentless efforts to better existing solutions.

MindSpark, over the past five years has witnessed immensely enthusiastic participation, growing interest, incorporation of new, challenging events and substantial prize money. MindSpark’12 targets a participation of over 15,000, embellishing it as one of the most coveted technical festivals in the country. Along with an increase in events and participation, MindSpark’12 promises increased benefit to our participants and as well as our sponsors.

We invite you to share our vision and be part of what ensures to carry forward the legacy of technical excellence. Join us at MindSpark’12 and discover the spark in you


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For any queries feel free to Contact Us:

Phone 020 2550 7319
Email mindspark@mind-spark.org

How to Reach The College :

Wellesley Road,Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005


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End time: 23 : 45

College of Engineering Pune, Pune, Maharashtra

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