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Elive 2012 | Technical Fest

By Team Campus Karma
Sunday, October 7 2012
00:00 to 01:00

ELIVE is a robocultural festival consisting of a plethora of inter-college events taking people into the amazing world of robotics. Elive caters to the imagination of all robotic lovers and budding engineers through its wide range of events

From heart throbbing robo-wars to fast & furious roboprix; from automation to electronic decoration; from embedded projects to history of robot development, it’s a pleasure for robo-geeks.

The day is booked with mind boggling technical events like ROBOWARS, FIREFIGHTER, ROBOPRIX and PATHFINDER where students from different colleges shall battle it out; add to that the various robotic exhibitions like ROBOEXPO, TECHMUSEUM and PROZONE.

We also have ROBOFUN, fun games & cultural events catering to people of all genres. TECHNOTHON, Adventure Sports, Street Dance, Couple’s Delight and Glamour Show we got it all here under D FAB5 section.

The night shall be glittered with ROCKOWARZ-battle of the bands and fireworks.
This October 7 we promise everyone the time of their lives at BIT-D.



ROBOWARS:- The event consists of a knockout tournament comprising of matches between Robots with the winner bagging up prizes worth 25000 INR. This is participants’ ultimate test of knowledge, skills, imagination, creativity, power and strength coupled with heart throbbing excitement for the spectators. Undoubtedly the most sought after event at Elive 2012.

FIREFIGHTER:- The competition is to make a manual robot which will act as firefighter in a given situation. Power of ideas will be put into test. Prizes worth 6000 INR.

ROBOPRIX:- The participants need to make a wireless manual robot which will compete in a race. The thrills of a grand prix can be expected. Prizes worth 8000 INR.

Path Finder:- The participants’ task is to make an autonomous robot which can traverse a given path. Prizes worth 10000 INR

ROBOEXPO: An exhibition of Robots which knows no boundaries. An open competition in which participants exhibit their robots and the best adjudged robot bags prizes worth INR 10000.

PROZONE: An exhibition of projects involving embedded systems. The participants need to come with their own creation and the best project gets prizes worth INR 8000.

TECHMUSEUM: Robotic artistry comes your way through tech museum. It is a museum exhibiting a plethora of events which takes you to the ride of the “Evolution of Robotics”. Inception, Imagination & Inspiration will be showcased. The development of electronics from the invention of transistors to the ultra fast i7 processors. A visitor’s delight.

ROBOFUN: Robots can provide us with entertainment and fun and this event will highlight the same. A series of fungames involving Robots different genres.

TECHNOTHON: A treasure hunt which will start online leading to different levels and finally coming to the college campus where a treasure worth INR 10000 is awaiting its hunter.

Cultural events

ROCKOWARZ: ELIVE'S USP. A special opportunity for scintillating, budding bands to showcase their talent. An experience worth cherishing for the audience. "ELIVE" will come "ALIVE" with ROCOWARZ. The no.1 band bags a huge amount of 35000INR. It’s our special attraction.

COUPLE’S DELIGHT: A series of games for a team of two. Challenges testing participant’s details will be there waiting. Good reward for winners.

ADVENTURE SPORTS: Elive is also for those who believe in pure adrenalin rush. "ADVENTURE SPORTS" is there for getting participant’s heart thumping. Time to show one’s army stints and bag prizes worth 1000INR.

STREET DANCE: It's time to put one’s dancing shoes on. The participant need to rock the streets of BIT D & exciting prizes await them.

GLAMOUR SHOW: ELIVE just gets better with "Glamour Show". This is "engineering style". The theme is "GREEN". The participant need to design an eco-friendly dress and give a shot on the ramp. The best model bags heavy prizes.

ROBOPRENEUR: THIS EVENT IS A MANAGER'S DELIGHT... The participant need to come up with an idea to become an entrepreneur using robotics, prepare a business plan and present it and the best entrepreneur has something special waiting. “An idea can change your life” is its inception.

FLASH MOB: A group dance show, very enjoyable for all.

ADMAD: The event is the most enjoyable of on. Given a product, a team needs to come up with its advertisement in minutes. The best advertisement is the deserving winner.

PICTURE PERFECT: An event specially designed for photographic fanatics. Enjoy elive and capture the most special moment; this is the task . The most innovative, imaginative and thrilling moment captured will bag something deserving.

QUIZ: An all time event which has always got his elite audience and participants. The most updated participant gets a special prize.

COLLEGE REPORTER: A hunt for the best media brain in the campus during elive. A keen observer, a prolific presenter and clear thought process is all what required to submit the best report of elive’s day. The winner is rewared with prizes.

For any queries feel free to Contact Us:

Ankit Verma, Manager.
Mob: +919939665273

How to Reach The College :

Nearest Railway Station: Jasidih.
On Howrah-New Delhi main railway line.
Well connected to Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata


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End time: 23 : 55

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Deoghar Campus, Jharkhand

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