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Incarnate 3.0 | Online Management Fest

By Team Campus Karma
Monday, October 22 2012
00:00 to 01:00

Incarnate is an online management web-fest that involves students solving real-life business problems faced by start-ups and small businesses. A panel of experts and the businesses involved judge the solutions presented by the students, with the chosen entries getting a reward. This is an opportunity for the students to showcase their knowledge, creativity and skills. The organizing team will ensure that the solutions suggested by the students are presented at appropriate forums, through which the students can explore opportunities and/or seek employment.

Q1-What is Incarnate ?
A- Incarnate is a online management fest.

Q2-Who can participate ?
A-The fest is open to any college student to participate.

Q3-How do i register ?
A- Log in to ww.festing.in and register a user. Right after you have registered a user, you will need to create or join a team to participate.

Q4-How many members are allowed in a team ?
A-Maximum of 4 members are allowed in a team and a minimum of 1. A team has to consist of 1,2,3 or 4 member(s).

Q5-When would the rounds be online ?
A-12.00 AM October 22nd 2012.

Q6-Will any physical movement be involved in the fest ?
A-No everything is online.

Q7-Where would the rounds be published ?
A-Rounds will be published on the official incarnate blog :- www.Incarnatefest.Blogspot.com

Q8-Do i have to Register a team if i am participating as an individual ?
A- Yes, do register a team even if you are a single user.

Q9- What is the Prize money for Incarnate 3.0 ?
A- Rs 10000 for the winning team and Rs 5000 for the Runners up.

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End time: 23 : 55

TalentPyramid School of Leadership, Bangalore, Karnataka

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