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Elan 2013 | Technical & Cultural Fest

By Team Campus Karma
Friday, January 18 2013
00:00 to 01:00

ELAN, like its meaning for undying enthusiasm, is an abbreviation to Energize, to Lavish, to Amplify and to Notarize the free-lance spirits of the students of IIT Hyderabad. It is a fete with a promise, a promise to render a plethora of pleasure and opportunities without compromising on the merry-making that comes along. In a world of unimaginable diversity, it stands out like a Mosaic at an exhibition. And as promised in 2012, come 2013, it will be back! The difference being, last time, you were electrified...this time you'll be meshed in its aura and like it or not, it'll get you! So gear up and patronize yourselves, because you are bound to be flattered!


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End time: 23 : 55

Andhra Pradesh
IIT Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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