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Company Verification Process

    Team Campus Karma
    By Team Campus Karma


    Go to : Company/LLP Master Data

    (On the above mentioned link you will get  two form boxes there named Company / LLP Name  and CIN/FCRN /LLPIN/FLLPIN )

    • In company/LLP Name search box just type the company name you want to verify. Its not required to enter the full name , just type the first word or two words. Then click on  button.
    • Always be sure about exact company name, because several companies may exist in same starting name .e.g. XYZ INDIA PVT LTD and XYZ SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. You can find the exact company name from company website’s contact us/about us pages in most cases. So always be sure about company exact website and exact name.
    • Suppose we want to check registration details of company “TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED” so we typed ‘TATA CONSULTANCY’.

    N:B: Always type in Capital/Uppercase letters only

    • After hitting the  button a pop up window will open with results like this.

    • Several results may come but select only the name that exactly matches the name of the company you are searching for.
    • Then click on  button.
    • Now pop up window vanishes and the second form box is filled with CIN (Company identification number).

    • Now click on  button.
    • Result is like this will appear on your browser.

    To get an insight details  of the company in line with the genuineness. We need to check the below details from the results.

    • Date of incorporation
    • Authorised Capital:It shows the financial strength of company(most important)
    • Company Status: if active then fine. If dormant /striked off then company is not recommended.
    • Verify the address as shown in company website.

    If company is a not registered one then pop up box will show “no matching results” but make sure you typed in uppercase only otherwise hit the search button again in pop up window to be sure about it. Now if authorised capital is low or you are not satisfied with the details then must go for a domain check.