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Background in the Drives

    Rohit Gupta
    By Rohit Gupta

    Don't you want to apply background on your drives to make it look attractive?
    Well hear is your chance... To do so Open Notepad or WordPad.
    Type the following (or simply Copy-Paste it, why wasting time hahaha)

    ---------------- Copy-Paste the Things which are below this line ----------------

    iconarea_image= ------"Your Image Location"--------

    ---------------- Copy-Paste the Things which are above this line ----------------

    Now that you have copied this in your notepad or WordPad make a small changes in the space provided with
    ------"Your Image Location"--------, remove this and type the full address of your of your image file that you want as your background but choose a light color background.
    "E.g.: E:\My Documents\My Pictures\metalslug(2)814x610.jpg"
    Remember with extension file name.

    Now that you have done all this, save the file with the name "desktop.ini" (without the quotes) in any drive C:\, D:\, E:\, My Documents but this only works on the Drives any My Documents only not in the inner folders...