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Why Don't we get full memory in our Pendrive/HDD..!!

Well you must be thinking that when you buy a Pendrive of 4 GB you dont get the full 4 GB you get something around 3.7 GB.. or when you buy a HDD of 160 GB you get approx 149 GB.. well here is a simple answer to the question...

What if I look at the 160 GB this way.

Let us suppose by 160 GB the manufacturers mean
160000000000 (160 X 10^9) bytes of data
which is equivalent to 156250000 KB if i divide it by 1024.
Again if I divide it by 1024 I get 152587.890625 MB.
Again dividing by 1024 I get 149.0116119384765625 GB

which is what your PC shows for a 160 GB hard disk...so 160 GB actually means 149.011 GB