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Use webcam without having webcam

Please guys don’t think that im speaking rubbish and I went mad,im fine now and what im speaking is absolutely true. Did you ever dream that a guy could fool you through a webcam by disguising as a girl??
Guys ,you need not dress up as a girl to fool others. We have a simpler alternative for you.
 Just get this piece of software
“fake webcam” from www.fakewebcam.com and then the rest is as easy as pie.
We can use a cam even without having cam and also we can make strangers believe that ur a girl(if ur boy),boy (if ur girl),boy/girl(if ur nt any :P)
This simple software using is very simple.Just download and install it and start using.U get two things on desktop 1)fake webcam no preview mode and fake webcam with preview mode.Load ur file in add file in any of them and start playing that’s it.If u dint get ur video on ur cam now.The thing u need to do is redirecting cam to fake webcam rather than integrated webcam(if u have cam,if not that’s file J)(add only compatible video formats,even if not compatible,we can use video convertors,after some time we get mark on video on it saying trail version to get rid of it,we need to buy it again or pause it and then start with tricks so it will not be displayed :P)
In yahoo Messenger:
Messenger->Preferences->webcam broadcast->change source to fake webcam
Make sure ur cam is active only when u can change the source.
Goto window and see the camera source,change it from integrated webcam to fake webcam