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“It is important to have aspirations and be motivated”

Vinay Kumar, MD & CEO – Rao IIT Academy, urges students and parents, while he talks of grooming students into doing well at competitive exams, even as his student toppers at MHT-CET 2017 and JEE Advanced 2017 share their journeys

Revathi Vijayaraghavan, a student of Rao IIT Academy is the girl topper of the MHT-CET 2017. She has secured 187 marks out of 200. Knowledge talks to her regarding her journey and aspirations, and to Vinay Kumar, MD & CEO – Rao IIT Academy, on how the academy enables students by providing them with the necessary support. Exceprts:

Please tell us a little bit about Revathi’s journey as a student of Rao IIT since she joined till the time of the declaration of the results.

Revathi joined the Sion Branch, Rao IIT Academy for the Two Years Classroom Program in 2015. She had been offered a scholarship by Rao IIT Academy during admission. She went to our science centre and enquired about the course and decided to join our two-year integrated programme. Rao IIT Academy has supported Revathi at every stage during her preparation and will also be helping her in her future study if required.

In what way did Rao IIT help Revathi during her two year period there?

Rao IIT was instrumental in providing Revathi the impetus necessary for this two years of preparation will calls for rigorous and hard work. Every week about 36 to 40 hours our teachers, staff and team members and academic managers worked relentlessly towards Revathi to achieve her goal. Revathi is also a very keen student, She was studious and focussed, and despite the hard work these two years call for, she tried to pursue her dreams and was ultimately able to achieve the success she was working for.

How did the teachers mentor her to do her best?

Teachers at Rao IIT Academy always try to focus on the students’ strengths and work on the weaknesses. Once the weaknesses of the child are identified they try to work on the student accordingly. They work in a way that the topics are clearer with detailed studies, so that ultimately the students reach a point where they have no issues with any of the topics. In addition, there are many tests conducted for the students’ benefit. Subject-wise tests, topic-wise tests with various difficulty levels which make it possible for the students to do their best.

How important is the role of mentoring of students when they are training and studying for CET or other entrance exams?

The role of training today is very important. Earlier there was a time where only teaching was important, but today, it has become competitive. So, not only teaching is important, but it needs to be in conjunction with completion of the syllabus and thereafter testing, result analysis, and thereafter retesting is needed. So, we feel that he training of the students is of paramount importance. At Rao IIT Academy, our teachers are accessible to students solve their queries and spend extra time on the student if necessary. Today, Rao IIT Academy has a team of over 400 teachers at pan India level, and 100 teachers in Mumbai. We have a library session where teachers are always sessioned. For about 12 hours a day, from 8 am to 8 pm, teachers are available to the students for any doubts.

When a student comes from a disadvantaged background, how does Rao IIT ensure that the student gets all the aid possible so he or she can perform to their best at the exams?

Rao IIT as founded by our chairman, who himself comes from a very humble background, is committed to all the students, including those coming from underprivileged backgrounds and students who are faced with any sort of disadvantages. First of all, the merit of the student is assessed. Any meritorious student or deserving student is never turned down for the sake of money. We also ensure that the student gets best of the possible training. Rao IIT Academy has a full-fledged CSR wing which takes care of more than 20 students every year and numerous disadvantaged students get the best coaching with us. The students perform outstandingly well, we have many examples of students of underprivileged students scoring extraordinarily at competitive exams.

Please share any message for students and parents?

I would also like to add for the students and parents understand that it is important from where you come. It is more important what abilities you develop, what help you take and try to achieve something, have an aspiration which seems impossible in the first go as perceived initially. The journey of Revathi from ordinary to an extraordinary student, from a student who scored 90% to a girl topper of Maharashtra CET (MHT-CET 2017), marks and reconfirms the story where you, students, have to have aspirations and need to be motivated. There are academies like Rao

IIT or people around you who are good and who will help you excel at the competitive examinations and achieve unprecedented success. I wish all the students the best of luck!

Revathi Vijayaraghavan

I wanted to pursue engineering, and while reading the papers, we came across the ad for Rao IIT Academy and we went to inquire about their Two year Integrated Program, since they were offering it with a well known college in Sion – SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce. After figuring out our needs and getting the relevant information from the staff, my mother decided that it is a best academy to pursue my training for the competitive entrance exams.

I was extremely happy with my decision, since the faculty at the academy is really helpful and always available to the students for solving queries and clearing doubts. The study material that we had been given was also apt and to the point. I had joined the academy for JEE Mains, JEE Advanced and the CET. I was also offered a scholarship based on my performance at the class 10 exams.

During these two years, we had lectures in the morning at the academy and practicals in college in the afternoon. After that we had the day free. I was consistent in my studies from the beginning and would spend at least five to six hours a day studying, balancing all the six subjects. Chemistry was my strong point, and also my favourite subjects, and I also liked math, so I was fast with them. Physics was my weak point, so I spent more time with it. I now want to study computer science engineering at VJTI and in future I aspire to work with Google.

As CET is a competitive exam, for the last 15 days, I prepared by timing myself with the questions and solving as many mock papers as I could within the time limit. For all the future aspirants of the exams I would like to add that they have to study continuously and they need that amount of dedication towards your academics. In addition, I feel that if they pursue any activity that they like, it would help them to calm down and relieve the stress.

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By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: June 12, 2017, 9:28 am