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Should you drop a year for NEET?

Appearing for medical entrance exams, but not confident of your success, or, got so engrossed in your board examination that the medical entrance preparation took a back seat—reasons can be many to devote an extra year for NEET. But the question is, should you actually drop a year for the big medical entrance test? Read on to find out.



Leave the stress of Board Exams behind. Prepare with cent percent dedication.
Cover the vast NEET syllabus with enough time in hand
Achieve in-depth understanding of concepts by studying them repeatedly
Study with peers who have also dropped a year


The balancing act between your board exams and NEET entrance often turns out to be an uphill task. By dropping a year for NEET, applicants get dedicated time for preparation. When you decide to drop a year for better preparation, you get more time to broaden your understanding for different concepts and chapters.

Also, you are likely to find many other applicants who would be gearing up for a dedicated year of preparation. You can connect with them through different social media groups to have pep talk sessions when in doubt.


What if you get distracted or lose hopes in between?


Have you already decided to dedicate an extra year to NEET preparation? If yes, then all the best for your endeavor! But as you get engrossed in dedicated studies, remember that the key to success lies in staying focused throughout the preparation stage.

Applicants dropping a year often are unable to keep a track of their preparation. There is no denying the fact that the stress of performing even better in the next attempt would be high, but you can deal with it positively. Turn your stress into a stimulus to study harder and stay focused throughout the preparation stage. You can also read success stories of those who accomplished their goals after dropping a year for NEET.



Explore beyond course books
Watch NEET video lectures online, take mock tests, and do regular revision
Manage your study time well with focused approach


When you are dedicating an extra year to NEET preparation, you have an opportunity to devise better ways to have an in-depth understanding of every concept and chapter. If you have already attended classroom coaching for NEET, then it’s time to look for options of self-study. This will help you in practicing applications of different topics thoroughly. You also have NEET video lectures online by different coaching institutes to brush up the fundamentals of every concept and topic. For instance, you can study through NEET video lectures of Aakash Live from the comfort of your home. Aakash Live allows you to attend live video lectures by expert Aakash faculty and also record them for future reference. You can also study through Aakash iTutor, which provides an SD card with recorded video lectures. And, the highlighting point of Aakash iTutor is pre-recorded lectures and chapter tests, you can study without internet. Along with watching NEET video lectures, you also need to do revision and take mock tests regularly. This way, you will be on the right track.

Once you have taken the decision to drop a year for NEET, stick by your choice without any doubt. With full conviction, you can turn your dream of becoming a doctor into reality. Good luck!

Original: http://www.freepressjournal.in/education/should-you-drop-a-year-for-neet/1072842
By: Meera Dewaan
Posted: May 23, 2017, 1:40 pm