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Counsel queries

Confusion regarding the third year

I am in SYBMM and I’m confused about which specialisation to choose in my third year – advertising or journalism. Actually, I opted for BMM because I thought I was interested in media, but now I’m not sure at all that I want to opt for a career in either of the specialisations. I, however, don’t know what to do. Please advise. – Nikita Shikhar

Dear Nikita,
Even if you think that you don’t want to pursue your career in either of the media fields, I would suggest you look at the BMM degree as a basic graduation degree and look at finishing it with the best you can do. Any sort of bachelor’s degree would add value to your education and provide you a base to apply for a postgraduate programme of your choice after you graduate. Look at it this way – now you can’t go back a year and opt for another bachelor’s programme, since that will lead to a loss of a year at least. Instead, just look at this programme and a stepping stone to whatever you want to do in future, and adapt accordingly. I know of many students who have opted for different programmes after BMM, including MBA and law. I also know students who have gone into creative fields like hair styling and fashion accessorising after BMM. So you know now, that the number of options open are many.
Regarding your confusion for he specialisation, I would say that you look at the goal that you have and choose accordingly. Many students say that the advertising option offers straight forward subjects with easy to study material which does not demand too much of the student during the exams. Journalism, students, say that relatively, that programme is more subjective and requires students to put in some effort for collecting study material and prepare for the exams.

I also suggest that you talk to your seniors about their experiences, both those in TYBMM this year and those who have finished their TYBMM recently. They will be able to give you the best overview regarding both the specialisations. Try and talk to your coordinator and other teachers if possible to get some clarity on your position.

Pharmacy to management

I am in my last year of the BPharm degree. After studying for four years in this programme, I have come to realise that I’m not interested in pursuing this field further. I realised that last year itself, but I thought it would be better to complete the degree before thinking of anything further. Now I don’t know how to break the news to my parents. I want to go for an MBA with a marketing specialisation, a regular MBA, nothing related to pharmacy. What should I do? – Milan Shinde

Dear Milan,
I’m glad that you realised it in time that you want to opt for a different career stream than what you have chosen to study for your bachelor’s. I must tell you an interesting fact. Recently, the principal of an engineering college told me that increasingly, these bachelor’s degrees like engineering are looked upon as general bachelor’s degrees which prepare students with the basics and build skills which will enable them to study whatever they want in future. I would say that you would look at your BPharm degree in a similar manner. I’m sure you are already thinking on those lines since you opted to study and finish the degree.

A commendable decision on your part is also that you have figured what you are interested in doing further, so you already know (I’m hoping) the steps you need to take to pursue your admission for MBA. I think you should just sit with your parents and explain really calmly to them your decision to study MBA after your graduation. If you are calm, explain your reasons to them logically, and also show them the prospects that you might have after completing your MBA, they will try and understand your view point and back you with your decision. At the same time, I would suggest that even if they get a little agitated, you keep calm. You must understand that you are breaking this decision on them suddenly without any preamble, so they are allowed to have their reaction if necessary. Perhaps they would have thought that you’ll be placed from campus and start working soon, instead of which you are looking at two years of extra study at least. You need to give them time and space to accept your decision, and adjust to it. You should offer them the consolation that they are your parents, and you need them to be on your side, so that you are able to pursue a career of your choice. It shouldn’t get to a situation of you against them.

Event  management

I am in SYBCom and I want to explore the field of event management. I don’t know much about the field professionally, but I have worked on a few events in college. How should I proceed for my further education? I have looked up the list of institutes and I know about the courses, but I’m confused. Also, is there a possibility that I can work fixed hours in the field? My parents are not agreeing to me working late hours after I finish studying. – Nisha Singh

Dear Nisha,
You must have already checked, there are a few institutes which offer diploma courses in event management while you are in your undergraduate programme. These provide an overview of the field but don’t really offer a work opportunities in events. If you are sure that you want to pursue this field, I would suggest that you opt for a programme after you graduate. The postgraduate programme offers a lot of exposure and many chances to work on different kinds of events. You will get first-hand experience of all the events and what is expected of the professionals in this field. In that sense you will be able to decide what sort of work you want to do in future.

You need to understand that you can’t determine the timings of the events on your own. Different kinds of events are conducted on different timings and you have to adjust to those timings. You can’t choose which event to work on or which not. So you need to talk to your parents and figure out what they feel.

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By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: June 5, 2017, 11:46 am