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Counsel queries

Interest in psychology

I am in my first year of the plus two IGCSE course, basically equivalent to class 11. I am extremely interested in psychology and want to pursue my BA in clinical psychology. I’m also thinking of applying to undergraduate programmes abroad. I have read a lot about the field and the kind of work and research options available to graduates. Unfortunately, at the psychometric tests, the result said I was not suited for this career option. My parents also believe that I am not cut out for it. When they were telling me to think of other options, I didn’t last much heed since I thought they were just being parents, who are opposed to a field they know nothing about. My father wants me to take the easy option and join his business. However, after the psychometric test, I met the counsellor there who also explained the results and said I might be more suitable for other fields. That’s when a seed of doubt crept into my mind as well. I still am extremely inclined towards psychology, but I am afraid that if I don’t do well, I’ll let everyone down. My parents are on board with my decision, whatever I choose. What should I do? I have chosen my subjects in IGCSE also to complement my education in psychology in the future.
– Sandhya Prajal

Dear Sandhya,
You seem to be in a whole lot of dilemma. I must commend the amount of research you have put into finding out about the field of psychology and reading up on it, not only for your further education but also the opportunities that are available after the degree. It is also commendable that you choose not to take the easy way out and join your father’s business, but instead take the more difficult route in life to follow your passion.

It may be a possibility that the test that you took pointed out the results in terms of your best aptitude. But it does not mean that you have zero aptitude for any other field. I am just putting forward a scenario that can happen, I’m not questioning that the test you took was inaccurate. I’m that respect, you could still have some aptitude for studying psychology, even though it may not be as high as some other fields like the test would’ve suggested.

Additionally, you and your parents  should understand that when a student chooses a career option, it is based on a combination of aptitude as well as interest. Clearly, you have an immense desire to  pursue psychology.

You also talk to you parents regarding your thoughts and all them to support you fully, which will ease the pressure on you. Talk to your father regarding him asking you to  join his business, which I’m assuming you don’t want to do. It is better to talk out
everything clearly rather than penting it all up. All the best!

Options in science

I am in class 10 SSC, and my parents want me to take up engineering (preferably computer science) so they are pushing me to start preparing for the entrance exams from now itself. I am a good student and capable of scoring well, so based on that criterion they have decided that I should take up one of the more lucrative careers. The thing is, I like studying science, especially physics, but I don’t think I am cut out for engineering. I don’t think I want to be a part of the rat race of the engineering entrance exams. Once, when I tried explaining that to me mother, she cut me off saying that how would I know that engineering is not for me when I’ve not even given it a chance? I can’t seem to explain to her. My parents are quite traditional in their ways and think that the science stream is meant only for making engineers and doctors. What options are there apart from engineering after completing HSC in science? Will I be able to pursue other postgraduate programmes if I opt for BSc?
– Neeraj Nair

Dear Neeraj,

Times have changed drastically and you need to talk to your parents calmly about your problems. If you think it will be useful for you to seek professional help, then by all means visit a counsellor.
After you finish your HSC in science, you can pursue your BSc, with the subject of your choice. After that, you can pursue your MSc and opt for research or go ahead with PhD. After BSc, you can take the BEd course to become a teacher in school. Or, after MSc, you could take the eligibility tests to apply for the post of lecturer in a University affiliated college. There are umpteen number of options, and these are just the ones related to BSc. After HSC, you can also think of taking up architecture, although it will require you to take the entrance exams. Some other options include hotel management, law etc after class 12. To answer your wisdoms question, yes, you will be able to apply for most of the other postgraduate programmes after you graduate. You will also be able to opt for a management programme, if you so desire.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to opt for engineering if you are not sure of it being a suitable option for you. There are many other options which will result in a fruitful and creative and satisfying career
for you.

Going back to college

I finished my BCom way back in 2012 and I have been working as an accountant ever since. I have been promoted twice in these years, and now my colleagues and family members think that I should advance my degree. I also feel that I should take up something in related to finance. However, I am not sure whether to give up my job and take on a full-time programme or take a part time programme and continue with my job. I am afraid of losing job security.
– Mohit Mehta

Dear Mohit,
The answer to your question depends on several things, including the course that you are looking at. Often, add on finance courses for professionals are available only in the part time method, so then you can continue with your job. If you are thinking of an MBA, then there are full time and part time programmes available, but you will have to think about the about the CET and the admission process and whether you will be able to devote time to that.

You need to look at a programme which not only advances your education but also your career and puts you at a mid level position rather than a beginner’s position.

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By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: April 24, 2017, 10:27 am