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“Students are changing their approach towards learning”, says Dr. Nitin Joshi

Dr. Nitin Joshi, Director- Dr. V N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies, Thane examines how mangaement education can rise up to face the changes in the business world

There is a need to bring in a lot of changes in the higher education especially the management education.Some of the biggest challenges that business leaders face, include managing uncertain times, disruptive business models and ever increasing customer demands. One more challenge which any leader would face is to be continuously unique in the market place. In the commoditized market creating a differentiator is very difficult. Everything can be copied easily. Management education has a big opportunity to create leaders in the market place who can marry ideas with technology. Instead of one solution to a problem like we do in mathematics, business does not have a mathematical solution always, so students should learn the art of changing their lenses with situation. Participants need to be groomed to be part of the uncertainties, rather than being shocked during time of crisis. Adaptability, flexibility and richness of content is more important than past concepts. Situational leadership is going to be more important and relevant in the given time.

Need to re-invent

Management education has been continuously evolving in some of the best B schools in the world. The need to reinvent lies at the input level when a student is admitted in most of the B schools in India. Capability and understanding business from management perspective is a challenge. Subject matter experts are often very knowledgeable but they do not have coaching skills. Teachers in many B schools still wish to continue the teacher student relationship but the need is that teachers should learn to behave more like a executive coach for the students. Efforts need to be made to ensure that management education should be focusing on creating business leaders with clear focus on customer, technology, society, planet and profits. It will be wonderful if students are made to think rather than just listen. There can be disruption is the class if innovation is given a big room in the classroom or during the teaching and learning process.

Fast changing business models

The business models of yesterday may not be relevant today. Earlier business models were based on demand forecasting and had time in hand to carry on the business. Robert C. Wolcott in his article in HBR mentions From distributed energy generation to 3D printing to crowdfunding to the Internet of Things and data analytics, all of these technologies enable us to provide what customers want, where, how, and when they want it. Businesses which are able to most cost-effectively provide the solutions to the customer will win. Some of the large companies have added flexibility in the planning process so as to accommodate the changes as the market demands. These are all mind set changes which need to be imparted to the students at the institute level so that they are not surprised at the workplace.

Continuously learning a way ahead
The need is to continuously learn and update and upgrade. In the knowledge era training processes are becoming learner centric and organization today are very clear about the effectiveness of the value added programs. We at BRIMS try to help bridge the gap after analysis through behavior inventory. Students are guided to choose the streams based on their area of interest and faculty members have to work a lot to hand hold the student at this very crucial junction. Faculty members also try to be as relevant and update their own knowledge so that justice is done with each and every student. It is expected that students have enough of digital skill, problem solving abilities and situational leadership. Today when it comes to placements of the students companies are trying to have people with right attitude and learning abilities. One of the Human resources managers shared that they feel that some of the skills which are required for a particular job can be developed subject to the students has the learning potential and a right attitude is in place.

Seeing is believing

We also feel that students are changing in their approach to learning. Their orientation is more towards technology and also towards experimenting. As a part of our teaching learning process we took our students to Singapore to give them first hand feel of a developed country. Students had an opportunity to interact with Professor at Singapore Management University and national university of Singapore during the visit. Students could also explore
what is the kind of capability global organizations have from management professionals.

To be successful there is a need to acquire skills which will help the employer and will definitely help the owner of the skills. Skills seriously can be great differentiators and one will have to use them effectively to ensure that it is working. Functional skills are very important and they have a lot of weight age but they may take you to level but may not help to climb the ladder which one is looking for. Along with the functional skills some of the other skills which are very important are as below:

• Analytical capability
• Critical Thinking ability
• Customer centric approach
• Learning ability
• People management skills

We at BRIMS have a very clear vision of think global and act local institute is poised to develop global citizen leaders. We wish to be an institute of choice in management business where emphasis is on knowledge creation while using state of the art technology. The institute wishes to work on cutting edge technology thereby creating a platform where learning is not restricted within the four walls of a classroom. We wish to deploy highly interactive and engaging technology that will continuously engage the learner to explore his potential and adapt with the ever
changing and demanding business environment.

(The writer is certified business coach and also a brain mapping practitioner. He has been consulting organizations at national and international levels.)

Original: http://www.freepressjournal.in/education/students-are-changing-their-approach-towards-learning-says-dr-nitin-joshi/1029538
By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: March 6, 2017, 9:35 am