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Coaching dilemma

My daughter is in SYBCom and next year she will be taking her board exams in TY. Her father and I are really worried, especially for her scores. She has always been an average student, and scores around 60-65% at her exams. Until now, we have been really happy with her result and have always encouraged her to pursue her other activities (she is learning the guitar and harmonium) and be active in college with her various fests. Now, for the final year, we are worried that if a doesn’t score well, she will not be able to get admission to a good institute for a postgraduate programme. For this reason, we are asking her to enrol for coaching classes or private tuitions, but she is opposing it tooth and nail. She is confident that she will do well without the classes and says that she will not be happy attending classes every day. She is confident with her learning in college. What can I do to make her understand my view point? After all, it’s just one year of coaching but a matter of her career.

–Shreya Mehta

Dear Shreya,

I can understand that you and your husband are worried for your daughter like all other parents. It is legitimate for you to get jittery over the marks since the system is such the most of the paths ahead depend on the marks scored. That said, however, I must advise you to listen to your daughter and see where her comfort zone lies. Like you said, she is a consistent student, and she’s been scoring 60-65% all throughout.

If she of confident that she will do well on her own without any coaching, you ought to trust her. She must be over 20 years old, and students these days are quite clear on what they want to do in future and what they need to do to achieve it. They are also well aware of the entry eligibility for further studies. I’m sorry, I know you want advice regarding how to convince your daughter to join private coaching but on the other hand I’m trying to persuade you to understand her perspective. I hope that you and your husband are able to talk to her in a calm manner and sort out the issue.

I also request you to not to force her for anything and please avoid resorting to emotional reasons saying that you have always encouraged her and now she is not listening to you, or something like that. I request you to be patient when you talk to her. Another aspect you need to know is that for many postgraduate courses, the eligibility for admission is a minimum of 50% at the graduation exam. The admission actually depends on either a test, personal interview and group discussion or a combination of all three. You have not specified which course your daughter might be interested in take up later on, so do check out the eligibility for that course and whether or not the admission depends on the marks scored. If it doesn’t, then you all will be relieved with her decision.

To graduate or not

I am in SYBA, and I have final exams coming up this month. I am not sure I want to continue studying and I need guidance for that. About two years ago, I took up a very short workshop in baking cakes and developed that skill over a period of a month. I started popularizing my work, and soon got small time orders from friends and family. All this while I worked hard on building clientele, and to improve my qualities as a baker. Now, I’ve reached a point where I’m overwhelmed with the work I get and I have hired a helper as well. In this light, I know for certain that this is my career path and this is what I want to do. So lately I’ve been questioning myself as to what’s the point of taking the BCom exams when I don’t want to pursue it? My parents feel that I should finish my education irrespective. What should I do?

– Name withheld

This is a practical dilemma which is not actually faced by too many students. In majority of the cases, students choose careers related to their education (at least in the beginning) so yours is a rare situation. On one hand, I see your P perspective that you might not need to have a degree for being a baker since in that profession, your talent matters much more over your education.

However, your view of not completing your education in a very myopic one, because you are only looking at the short term and you are getting used to being busy doing something you love to do and making a decent income out of it. But think of the long term. Are you always going to be a two person team? Of course not. You will want to expand your horizons, your team will grow as will your business.

That’s a your education will come handy. That’s when you will need your managerial skills as much as you need your baking skills. Also, in future, if you look at any add on course in finance, accounting or business management, the basic eligibility for that will be a bachelor’s degree. Then a that time you will not be motivated to go back and complete your degree. So for that reason, I agree with your parents when they say finish your education. BCom is quite an easy programme. All you need in terms of commitment is 15 days of time to prepare for your exams and then taking the exams. I’m sure it if all the time you have you can take out so much for long term benefits. I think you can negotiate with yourself and your parents in skipping a few lectures, but ideally you should just devote a little time to finishing your graduation.

Interest in computers

I am in SYBCom, but I now want to develop my expertise in the computer design field. I have learnt all that I know on my own, but I realise that not only I have aptitude for it, but also, I am interested in the field as well. Unfortunately, I feel that now my BCom degree will be wasted and it is too late to go back to join a design course for which the eligibility is passing class 12. That’s why I’m confused. What should I do?

– Mona Parekh

Dear Mona,

Since you have found your calling in design, you should pursue it further. It doesn’t matter if you can’t go back to joining a course after class 12, you can always join a course with a private institute or teacher. The job market is wide open for those with talent and dedication. All you need to do is find a course that suits your interest, and provides you with the skill and expertise to make a career in it. As far as your degree in BCom on concerned, you need to be more positive about it. Even though you think your degree may not be of use to you in your future profession, think about it – you got an education of life when going to college and getting the degree. A student is quite young when she joins her BCom programme and all the experiences in college enable you to be able to survive in this world, especially

in a ruthless city life Mumbai. It is in college that you make friends and meet other like minded people who are your friends for life. Also, never think of education as wasted. It will help you at one time or the other.

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By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: March 6, 2017, 9:51 am