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On the air!

I am a mass media student and I am really interested in digital media, especially in radio. I would love to look at the production side of a station or a particular field, but I have no idea how to go about it. Please can you let me know about a few courses? Also, I must mention that although I am well groomed and presentable, writing is not my strong point. Will it affect my aspirations? – Kunal Bhatia

Dear Kunal,

Often, you will hear that many radio producers happened to join the industry and banked upon their previous experiences to learn about radio. At that time, special qualifications were neither available nor needed. With times, things have changed, and several specialised courses that were unheard of before are being offered for many fields. Radio is also one such field where courses are now available. I am sure that your knowledge and understanding of mass media from your undergraduate degree will help you.

There are different courses available like radio production, broadcast media and script writing. Even though the entry to such programmes is not stringent in terms of eligibility, they do look for certain qualities which the aspirant must possess. Institutes that offer various courses in radio production and broadcasting in Mumbai include

  • Xavier’s Institute of Communication offers a Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying
  • Radio City School of Broadcasting offers a Certificate Course in Radio Jockey and Radio Production
  • The Mumbai Centre of the Indira Gandhi National Open University offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Radio Programme Production (PGDRPP)
  • Livewires Institute offers courses in Radio Jockeying and Script Writing
  • School of Broadcasting & Communication offers a Certificate in Professional Voicing & Radio Jockey
  • Mumbai Film Academy offers courses in Voicing and Anchoring
  • Harkisan Mehta Foundation Institute Of Journalism And Mass Communication offers a Certificate Course in Radio Jockey
  • AAT College offers a BSc in Audio and Music Production at its Mumbai centre

As mentioned earlier, the eligibility for each course differs with the institute as well as the course, In terms of academics, it ranges from passing class 12 to completing graduation. Students are advised to check the eligibility on their respective websites. Apart from these courses, students who have pursued digital journalism or broadcast media courses (BMM) at the undergraduate level may also be suitable to work in the industry.

Artistic ability

I am a BCom student, and while my parents harbour dreams of me becoming a chartered accountant or pursuing my MBA, I have other ideas in mind. For a few years I have been thinking of seriously considering a career in art, since I am good at it and I really have the aptitude but I do not have the guidance. I know of a few friends who can suggest some artists I can talk to, to understand how I should go about pursuing it. I do not know how to convince my parents that this is the right field for me. The problem is that I have the aptitude for academics, and I will be able to finish my CA or MBA studies, but I would rather get into the artistic mode. Please advise. – Apurva Apte

Dear Apurva,

Without a little beauty, everything would seem really dull. I am sure that you have made the right choice for yourself, and that you have gauged your ability in the field of arts in a fair manner. The first thing you ought to do is go around and talk to the professionals your friends can introduce you to, so that you can understand how the field functions, and which other skills and personality traits are needed to work in this field, apart from your ability in the arts.

You can explain to your parents in a calm manner that perhaps a few decades ago there were hardly any options for artists to make a steady income, but now there are many options. The opening up of more art galleries, conduction of exhibitions and art appreciation events has led to the growth of opportunities in this field. Over the years festivals such as the Kala Ghoda art fest not only provide a platform for budding artists and artisans, but they also prove to be inspirational for artists across the country.

You, however, need to understand that your parents are coming from a mindset of seeing you settled with your work and career, especially financially, and let’s face it, a lot of happiness is attached to financial freedom. In that sense, your parents’ approach is not incorrect. So, in case you harbour any feeling that they are against you, get that thought out of your head. When you ask them something or think of talking to them about your career, you should first, be positive in your approach, willing to reason with them rather than fight with them. Apart from that, you should be equipped with some information and knowledge about what this field can progress into and what kind of opportunities may be available to you in the near future, so that they can understand that you will be able to earn well even if you choose arts.

Apart from that, I suggest you create a repository of your work online, whichever medium you work in. This would make it extremely easy for you to share the ideas of your work with others in a matter of seconds as you only have to forward a link. Most professionals suggest that you should build your portfolio along with your education, so that you have something to show and tell for your talent when you go in for work interviews. Since your education is in a different field, you should be prompt with your portfolio.

Fitness manager

I am interested in fitness and I want to build a career around it. Is there a way where I can get a proper formal academic degree and yet be trained to work in this field? I am already learning how to consult with clients by shadowing a person who does that, and learning from him. – Sandeep Mohanty

Dear Sandeep,

Of course there is a way! You need a formal education any way to become a fitness manager. You can pursue your graduation in the field you like and join a diploma course for fitness. You are showing great commitment by going on meetings with a consultant already and learning from him. I am sure once your family members see your dedication, they will come around and support you with your decision. If possible do take your parents to a local gym one of these days to check out how hard the fitness trainers and managers work. Perhaps it will help them to understand that you are signing up for something really challenging.

Also keep in mind that in this field, the most important aspect is your keenness towards making a genuine difference in another person’s life through consistent work towards the body and its health. Employers prefer a degree in physical education or a certificate in a course for fitness training. For physical education, programmes are available at the bachelor’s as well as master’s level.

BPCA’s College of Physical Education, Mumbai offers the following degree programmes. You can log on to bpcacpemumbai.org for further information regarding the eligibility, course fee and structure for each of these courses.

  • Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd) – Full-time, one-year
  • Master of Physical Education (MPEd) – Full-time, two-year
  • PhD – Full-time, two-year MPhil – Full-time, 1.5-year

Apart from these, private institutes like Gold’s Gym University, Mumbai and Symbiosis Institute of Health Science, Pune, offer diploma courses in fitness management. The basic qualification expected to work in this field is at least graduation since it is a managerial post, and there are certain characteristics needed for the job. Graduates and post graduates from other fields are also hired after they demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the field of fitness, their commitment to health and exceptional communication as well as team skills.

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By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: December 12, 2016, 12:01 am