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Developing apps

I think that a lot in the future will work on apps, in fact even in the present a large part of human lives depend on apps on handheld devices. I want to explore this field as a career option for me. I have already decided to take up science and work for my engineering entrance exams after my SSC exams next year. My problem is that every time I think there should be an app for some service, I think it is a momentary idea, and feel that it might not be sustainable in the long run. That often makes me feel that I might be making a mistake by thinking of a career in this field. Please advise.
– Hiren Shah

Dear Hiren,
First, I will say that you are on the right track when you see some need for an app at least you think about it as compared to the many others who don’t think on those lines. That means that you are truly interested in this field. Secondly, many professionals in this field think that you are too young to even figure out which apps would be built how, and how to make them sustainable. So I would encourage you to pursue your path to engineering after your SSC, and take up software engineering after that.
Once you start college for FYJC, you know you will be busy with preparation for the board exams and the entrance exams like the CET, also looking at the possible colleges that you might want to study in. That’s why I suggest that after your SSC exams get over, in the few months that you have before your results, read up on app development and look at the finer aspects of how the thought process behind app development works. That would give you a fair idea on how to go forward with your aspirations.
After you start your engineering, a few months down the line, you will have a much clearer idea on apps and their usage and sustainability. At that point you will know whether your ideas are worthwhile or not, and whether you need to tweak anything.

Hardware concerns

I am not cut out for a regular programme like finance or marketing. Since I realise that everything today moves forward with technology, I feel that there will be a requirement of professionals for the upkeep of the devices. That’s why I thought of hardware. I would say computer hardware, but now there are so many devices. I am worried though, about my communication skills, which are weak. Will I be able to survive in this field without strong communication skills?
– Shashikant Londhe

Dear Shashikant,
See, I would not encourage you to move on ahead in your life always doubting your communication skills. If you think your skills are weak, then you must work harder to overcome the difficulties and improve them. You should understand that in whichever field you work, you need to communicate with others, either they will be team members, superiors or subordinates, and clients.
In this field, you are likely to face fewer issues with weak communication skills than other fields where one needs to talk a lot. Still, you need to be able to talk clearly about the problems you are faced with in the computer and the solutions that you can offer. You have to build your communication skills to a level where people can understand what you are saying. You should be fine with that.
Also, it is great that you have already thought of your future career field, but do look into a study programme which will open up a greater category of jobs for you. There are many types of programmes on offer. Practitioners believe that a professional study programme will enable you to build your knowledge, and acquire precision skills. Not only that, it will teach you to be a life-long learner. Technology is developing and changing faster than seasons change today, and only those who are willing to upgrade their knowledge constantly will survive.
To pursue a degree in computer engineering after class 12, you will have to opt for physics, chemistry and maths, since these are the subjects considered mainly for engineering. You will also have to look into the different entrance exams you want to take up for applying to the institutes of your choice. Several engineering colleges affiliated with Mumbai University offer the computer engineering degree programme.
The other option is to look at the different courses offered by private institutes. They are offered under different names for those with different levels of expertise and interests. With a private institute, the flexibility in terms of attending classes and suitable timings is high. In a few cases, students are also allowed to extend the time period for finishing the course as well. The disadvantage could be that the fees could be slightly higher.

Preschool panache
I want to work with young children, because I know that I will be good with it. I know of the educational qualifications needed like ECCE but I am confused about my choices, because my parents are pushing me to be a middle school teacher since they are very ambitious for me to be a principal one day. I am not interested in pursuing my BEd. I just want to work with preschool kids. I just need some good options to go back to them with so that I can show them that I can earn as much doing what I would like to do.
– Megha Chheda

Dear Megha,
I feel that you have already found your calling, since you say that you know you will be good with that age group of children which goes to preschool. I am sure you know that the first and foremost requirement is the ability to engage children as well as you can. I must, however, inform you that becoming a professional means taking on responsibilities, and that is far beyond just engaging the children.
There are constraints at every level, sometimes you may not have the freedom to handle a situation in a way that you want, since you will be reporting to several seniors. Plus, there might be curricular constraints. I am not stating all of these to scare you, but you tell you that despite these constraints, a lot of professionals do really well in this field. Other than that, it can be an extremely joyful and satisfying experience.
The demand for trained and sensitive preschool teachers will always go up, since the necessity to send a child to such a school has increased. But that’s just the first door. After that, it is all on you, your talent and your abilities. This is a career that does not require too much investment in terms of finance or years of studying, but it requires a lot in terms of work and preparedness.
Apart from ECCE, for those who are looking for specialised courses and certifications, there is the Montessori training, Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), and Pre Primary Teacher Training Course (PPTTC).
As far as talking to your parents goes, you can show them that preschools create the foundation for students who are doing to go out into mainstream education sooner or later. Due to this reason, preschools are always going to thrive and good teachers will be in demand. Apart from that, you should know that there are professional day care centres which also employ teachers to engage children there and also conduct activities. Opportunities exist in all the international and other schools which have in-house classes for preschool children, and at least two teachers are recruited for one class. There are many options.

Original: http://www.freepressjournal.in/education/counsel-queries-42/967890
By: FPJ Bureau
Posted: November 7, 2016, 10:31 am