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Counsel queries on Retail Management, Opthalmology, MBA & Engineering

Retail management

I am confused about the field I want to study further in, after I finish my BCom. I know management is an option, but I want to think a little more. I have been reading up on retail management, and I think that I will explore that option. Please can you provide a list of institutes where this programme is offered? – Rohan Shengle

Dear Rohan,

There are several kinds of programmes offered in retail management in and around Mumbai, for which you will need to log on to the individual websites to look at the eligibility for each one. Also, you should pick a programme that suits your needs the most. The duration and course content of the programmes also differs in some ways. Do check on the modules taught and how they will help you in future.

A few courses offered in Mumbai include:

  • Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research – PGDM Retail Management
  • K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research – Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Retail Management)
  • ITM Business School – Post Graduate Programme (Retail)
  • Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies – Post Graduate Program in Retail Management
  • Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Department of Business Management – Master of Business Administration (Retail Management)
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Information Technology, Navi Mumbai – Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Retail)
  • K. C. College of Management Studies – Diploma in Retail Management
  • Centre for Management – Professional Diploma in Retail Management
  • National Institute of Retail Management – Diploma in Business Administration (Retail Management), Masters in Retail Management, Advance Diploma in Retail Management
  • Institute of Business Studies & Research – Master of Business Administration (Retail)
  • Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, SNDT University – Master of Business Administration (Retail Management)
  • Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial and Management Studies, Mumbai Univeristy – Bachelor of Management Studies (Retail Management)
  • Atharva School of Business – Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Retail Management)
  • GNVS Institute of Management – Certificate programme Retail Management

Seeing right!

opthamologyI had not thought of this course at all, but my father’s friend, who is an ophthalmologist, suggested I look into it. I think he can also offer me a break in his clinic if I pursue a programme. But I am unaware of a lot of things about this programme like scope and curriculum. Can you help? How to I get some experience in the field? – Srishti Jain

Dear Srishti,

It is nice that your father’s friend expanded your horizon by throwing in this field in the mix, and even better to have a job waiting for you even before you graduate. The optometry course covers a wide variety of subjects. These include learning about the physical optics, knowledge of optical instruments, general anatomy, physiology and abnormal and pathological conditions of the eye. You will also learn the methods to measure refractive errors and their correction. These will be complemented by a variety of other courses related to the subject. What’s even better, in the final year, you will be expected to do your internship in the industry whereby you will practically apply all that you have studied in theory. This hands-on practice will be extremely useful to you to set up an optometry centre as part of your retail outlet or store.

Before that, you can try to work with your own optometrist or by searching for optometrists in the area, and ask them likes and dislikes about the profession.

In the past many professionals entered this field purely by chance. Perhaps they got a job, and learnt while working. But in the current situation, ideologies have changed. Professional courses are available for those who are interested, and that provides a pointed direction in which students can channel their time, money and effort in learning this science. Courses are available after the student has cleared the plus two (HSC or equivalent) examination with a minim of 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology.

A professional needs to have a Bachelor’s in Optometry (BOptom) in order to practice, and the candidate should be 17 years old to join the programme. Students who are interested in taking up this course need to take an exam called the EYECET, which is a test for entry into optometry courses. The bachelor’s programme is of four years duration. The first three years of teaching and training are followed one year of internship for clinical and trade experience. Students need to check on which institute recognises which form of EYECET, even though it is termed to be a combined, centralised test. The candidate may have to undergo a selection interview after clearing the EYECET examination, depending upon the chosen institute.

Institutes in and around Mumbai

* Aditya Jyot Institute of Optometry, Wadala

* Lotus College of Optometry, Juhu

* Netra Mandir Institute of Optometry, Borivili

* Kohinoor College of Paramedical Science, Kurla

* Hirabai Haridas Khimji College of Optometry, Kalbadevi

* GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Parel (Diploma)

* Jaslok Hospital , Pedder Road (Diploma)

* MGM University of Health Sciences, Navi Mumbai

* ITM Institute of Health Sciences, Navi Mumbai

* Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Optometry and Visual Sciences, Pune

* College of Optometry, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

Dilemma of choice

engineeringI am in two minds. After my engineering my parents want me to go abroad and study further in the engineering field, whereas I want to pursue my MBA and move into finance. I am really confused. What should I do? – Siddharth Jain

Dear Siddharth,

You need to figure out what your prospects are after each programme and what kind of investment is needed in each field. If you feel that you will be happy in changing your field and you are cut out for an analytical job in the field of finance, then you might as well take that decision.

You also need to find out from your parents why they want you to study engineering master’s abroad. They must have certain ideas in their minds which you need to understand before you dismiss their thoughts immediately.

I also suggest you look both fields and the job prospects after you graduate from each area. I guess you parents feel more secure in the field of engineering rather than finance. I guess they also feel that since you have invested four years in the field of engineering, it might be easier for you to study further in the same field rather than change your steam completely. The thought of changing streams is rather disconcerting for many parents, and that’s why they look at more secure options. After all, they are only looking at what’s best for you. You are also looking at what’s best for you. Somewhere you need to find the ground where all of you agree and make a decision that’s a win-win.

Study stress

I am a medical student and I feel so stressed with all the work that I put in, that I often think of giving it up and quitting my MBA programme. I am afraid of the academics, and I’m intelligent and hard working, but I’m just so stressed all the time. Please advise.

– Name withheld

Often students get overwhelmed when faced with too many situations at the same time. You need to first see a psychological counsellor and spend a few sessions talking about your problem. Academically, I’m sure the MBBS programme has the provision for allowing a student to take a break year and then continue from where the student left off. I strongly advise you to consider this option and spend the year doing things that will help you destress.

During this year, you forget about everything else and

focus on getting out and moving ahead. Please don’t hesitate in talking to your parents about the problem.

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Posted: October 31, 2016, 12:10 am